[News]2PM members TaekYeon and JunSu on 2PM fanmeeting

It has been known that group 2PM members had taken part in their first fanmeeting even though their health conditions were not at their best.

2PM had their 1st fanmeeting with their official fanclub Hottest on 15th August in GwangWoon University. It was known that members JunSu had a nosebleed and TaekYeon has suffered much from singing as he had previously undergone a surgery for his vocal cords.

JunSu has undergone a surgery for rhinitis during early August afte ther group’s 3rd single’s activities ended. And still recovering from the operation, he has suffered bleeding during their performance at the fanmeeting. And that was why he appeared at the fanmeeting wearing a mask.

And for TaekYeon, he has undergone surgery for his vocal cords a week before. And for the fanmeeting, it was known that he has over-exerted himself during the practice for the fanmeeting. But still, for his solo performance at the fanmeeting, he has received great responses from the fans present.

He also performed together with Baek Ji Young, special guest appearance on the fanmeetin, with ‘My Ear’s Candy’.


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    Hope they rest well!

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