[News]2PM TaekYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA chosen for best popularity amongst male and female idols,

Male idol groups 2PM and SHINee has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA as the #1 popular female idol group member.

This was revealed through KBS Star Golden Bell recently. 2PM TaekYeon has chosen So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, “YoonA is a beauty and I like.” saying truthfully. But for 2PM JunHo, he had said, “I like the side of YoonA where she is clumsy (?) but strong-willed.”

And amongst So Nyeo Shi Dae and KARA members, 2PM TaekYeon and SHINee Onew was chosen as the most popular male idol group member.

KARA Han SeungYeon said, “2PM is known as beast idols and TaekYeon is like the highlight of the beasty idol group” causing laughters in the filming studio.

For this episode of Star Golden Bell, it will be an ‘Idols special’ with So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee, 2PM and KARA etc as star appearance. It will be aired on 15th August.

source: kbites

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