[News]Kim Bum faints on "Dream"

Source credit: Nocutnews
Translation credit: Bumsso Blog
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On August 9th, Kim Bum fainted on the set of SBS drama ‘Dream’, when they were filming at Ilsan’s Hosu Gongwon (Lake Park). Kim Bum rested for a short while and continued filming when his condition had stabilized.

His manager expressed, “Because of all the continuous shooting for ‘Dream’, Kim Bum is a little physically and mentally fatigued. Especially since Kim Bum had to film till late night on the 8th, while on the 9th he had to endure shooting under the scorching sun, thats why he fainted.” “But after some rest, he continued filming, and there is nothing wrong with his health now.”

In SBS ‘Dream’, Kim Bum acts as Lee Jang Seok – a pickpocket who becomes a mixed martial arts fighter. Together with Nam Je Il (Joo Jin Mo), a sports agent fallen from grace, and taebo instructor Park So Yeon (Son Dam Bi), he eventually finds success and real love.

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