[News]Jay and Nicole to be new 'Nodaji' MC

Credit:Kor-Eng Kirstyn@Chanrakkhun, Edited Mim@2pm-online.com Source: Newsen.co.kr

The new show “Nodaji” is being aired on Aug 23rd. 2PM’s Jaebum and Kara’s Nicole will be new MC instead of Minyong Choi, and Taehyun Kim.

First episode of “Nodaji” is airing on August 23rd, as a regular program in MBC “Sunday Sunday Night.”

Historical cultural variety show “Nodaji” is programmed to visit famous cultural spots in selected region and to complete the treasure map.

On July 26th, Nodaji was first aired as a pilot program and received some positive responses from viewers as being a useful historical message, while some viewers commented that “this should be variety show not a documentary.”

Producer admitted that “In pilot program, we saw the opinions that our program is a bit in disorder, and clumsy, so we will try to make it more interesting, and improve it in regular program”

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