[News]Kim HeeChul, “UKnow YunHo lives like his drama character now”

Group Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about the acting passion of his SM Town family member Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

HeeChul was present at the press conference of his comeback drama SBS weekend drama ‘Thousand times I love you’ and talked about UKnow YunHo’s recent conditions.

He said, “I talked a lot with UKnow, and we spent fun time together. He is a friend with leadership and does well in everything. And he is recently living his drama character. He wears his training suit and uses dialect.”

“YunHo really like acting and wants to do well. He is living like his character well and brings out his drama character well.”

Meanwhile the first episode to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’ will be aired on 9th September.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    he is exactly like brother in law

  2. Anonymous says:

    ;ove ittt..

  3. d'petals says:

    wht do u mean by 'brother in law', anonymous 1???
    they're good friends indeed...
    although they're not in d'same group anymore,
    fwenshp can never end unless u decide 2...
    2 my both lovely oppa: "SARANGHAE!!!"

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