[News]Mighty Mouth Featuring, This Time's With Kara's Nicole, Creating "Mascara (Mouth-Kara) Line

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Mighty Mouth Featuring, This Time's With Kara's Nicole, Creating "Mascara (Mouth-Kara) Line!"

The "Mascara (Mouth-Kara) Line" is on the move.

Mighty Mouth's new album's title song "Love Class" is featuring it's third guest, and they've selected Kara's Nicole. Starting with 8/26's MCountdown, Nicole will be joining Mighty Mouth on stage throughout the weekend's music programs.

"Love Class" has created quite a buzz due to its featuring of Han Yeseul, and recently have had After School's Uee and Four Minute's HyunA taking the place. This time a new girl group icon carries the baton from Uee and HyunA as Nicole takes on the new challenge on stage.

In particular, Mighty Mouth and Kara's relationship has garnered a lot of attention. Since debut, both teams have had a warm and close sibling-like relationship with each other. On a radio program, Mighty Mouth talked about how them and Kara have called the two groups "Mascara" Line.

Kara's Nicole said, "'Love Class' is such a great song, the performance is great as well, and everything matches wonderfully. For a long time now, Mighty Mouth has really supported us, so I want to do something for them in return."

"Love Class" has done very well in the charts amongst the idol craze, and thus has become really popular. Kara has uphelp their titles as one of Korea's representative girl groups through their double hits of "Wanna" and "Mister" from their 2nd album.

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