[picture] SHINee for Reebok

OFFICIAL NEWS: KJnet officially announced that SHINee will be visiting Japan on the 10th of August to have hold a fan meeting at Nigano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo. In addition, a Japanese album is said to be dropping pretty soon.*

SHINee.. who will be having their fan meeting and goodbye stage this Sunday in SBS Inkigayo August 9, was chosen by Reebok to promote their awesome shoes!

Its been a while since i saw SHINee dress like normal teenage guys :) I really like their style back then with Replay.... but the Romeo one was okay. Glad to see them receiving a lot of CF's and product endorsements. :) SHINee will be releasing their mini album in Japan soon, and they will be back later with a new mini album or perhaps a full length album.

I will sure miss you guys! :( leaving us so soon! now.. with SHINee gone.. its up to FT Island and DNT to spice things up.. since theyr the only boy bands left :O

*quoted from allkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love their shoes.. they look very cute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    my my all boy groups r off, FT island fighting! yeah their shoes r nice.

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