[Pictures] SJ boys Summer Trip revealed on Heechul's Cyworld

Photos of Super Junior members going on a summer trip was revealed.

On the 23rd, Super Junior's Heechul wrote "This was taken recently with the members at KangWon" on his minihompy and posted a photo of himself with Eunhyuk, Kibum, Kangin, Eeteuk, Siwon, Donghae, Sungmin and Ryeowook.

In the photo everyone dressed differently off stage, in t-shirts and slippers (casual outfits) and it feels like they're in a holiday mood.

He also wrote"after parking the cars we went to the resting area to chitchat and we hear "isn't that super junior?" going around it's amusing" and "we played soccer and swam and had a barbecue it's really an enjoyable time" He also thanked the fans for preparing the meat.

The photos gathered comments like 'that photo is really cute', 'the trip looks fun' and 'lease be posting more photos" from netizens and fans.

source: newsen
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net
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  1. tina_cute says:

    finaly they have time to go refreshing after their busy time for show and promote their album....
    have fun guys.....

  2. d'petals says:

    hve fun oppa!!
    dont stress urself 2 much...

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