[Poll ]Thoughts on F(x) New SM Girl group

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i don't like them. how can sm choose this time to let them debut? D:<

  2. Anonymous says:

    it's great i think... don't forget, just vote, don't bash here...

    if you like them, then it's okay.. let us try to talk in positive side.. and if you don't like them, just keep it by yourself..

    maybe a lot of people don't like this group because it's from SM, then what if in future you like them??

    it's like licking your own saliva..

    okay?? please think in positive side..

  3. Liqin says:

    So many girl groups this year.... -.-

  4. Anonymous says:

    girls group are getting common
    i think they are too young for such sexy image!
    and it seem to be inappropriate for them to debute at this period when SM haven even solve their crisis

    but no matter what, all the best to them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i think its a fall down making them! all i can say is good luck to SM entertainment... its enough to have 4minute agree guys?!

  6. Anonymous says:

    they're 15...so how sexy could they be...being azn, they prolly just hit puberty =.=;;
    soooo many girl bands and not any quality ones to look up to..
    I mean girls either fangirl over guy bands or look up to girl bands.
    not many girlbands with taste these days...I love abracadabra but...a bit too sexy and not to mention the plastic SNSD

  7. Anonymous says:

    no more pre-pubescent girls being sexy! someone stop this pedophilic trend in Korea. I feel bad for the 20+ girls who work hard only to be beaten by kids because the fans relate to them 'cause of the age.

  8. d'petals says:

    i dont like ths new debuted too...
    it seems like SM wanna cover up story about DBSK..
    ths doesnt mean i dont like ths girls..its not their fault.
    its just tht thy were debuted at d'wrong time~
    lets just put d'blame on SMe, ok guys???
    cant believe thy were too young..here in malaysia,
    20+ is considered young enough..but compared 2 those
    girls in korea, i'm just too old..huhu..i'm only 21!

  9. rio says:

    man why always girls group or boys group.!!! why not mixing it together lol boys & girls in a group... just like BLACK EYED PEAS

  10. Anonymous says:

    I reckon they surpase 2NE1 in looks
    But maybe not the dancing and the raping.

    But of course, i may be wrong.
    We havent seen clearly at what they look like and how well they sing and dance.

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