[TRANS] Ayumi Hamasaki is a Tohoshinki Fangirl; Blogs About Supporting Them at A-Nation

“…Chon-san went to go watch Tohoshinki’s performance in very very high spirits. But…
Due to a mistake in planning, when I went, they were already on their last song.
So there I am, wearing my Tohoshinki t-shirt, wearing a Tohoshinki towel on my neck, holding a Tohoshinki fan, I’m all totally ready…
But tomorrow, I shall have my revenge.”

“…To those asking ‘Why were you holding a Tohoshinki towel?’…
They have beautiful singing voices, I fell in love with them in Ehime~.”

“Chon-san’s 5 Frame Comic Theater! YA~Y!!!!
Of course, the joke (not really a joke though) is the most popular request from everyone.
This is Chon-san with

Fully equipped and very energetic♪
And right here, the member whose voice hypnotizes Chon-san the most was singing enthusiastically.♪♪♪
I was feeling way too good, I was shaking. lol

Well, this is the last song, and I was a very fired up person.

Coming to visit me while I’m feeling like that, all of my staff was laughing very loudly at my useless style here. lol”

Credit: ayoofic @ LJ + TVXQindo
Original source: Team Ayu

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  1. Anonymous says:

    have no idea who she is

  2. oki says:

    pretty popular jpop singer
    shes funny && cute in these pics haha

  3. d'petals says:

    she's among d'most popular jpop singer...
    n still she feels no shame 2 admit tht she's THSK fan...
    wht a great personality she has...TQ Ayumi-chan...
    4 giving ur support 2 DBSK oppa~

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