[Trans] 090801-02 Super Junior Premium Live in Japan

These transcripts are from SJ permium Live in Japan.
If you could not attend the show yesterday, here is the events that happened there from the first day until yesterday.
Thanks to cinderella!sj-world.net for the translation!
Please enjoy the transcripts...

090801 : Super Junior Premium Live in Japan

1. Today’s song list is around the same as SSII’s, just that there isn’t any solo.
2. Lee Donghae was jumping all around the stage with a small ponytail. During Gee, the pink ribbon was back…
3. Most of the songs, including SJ-M’s, were sung in Korean. Only Rokkugo and Marry U were sung in Japanese. The entire ELF there sang along to Marry U.
4. During Miracle, Siwon was hugging Donghae. The two of them kept playing together today.
5. Siwon had a small ponytail as well.
6. During one of the song, Eunhyuk lifted his hands to block Donghae. He didn’t manage to block him and ended up pulling Donghae’s pants in a rush ㅡㅡ
7. Seems like its during Ryeowook’s part in Angela, Kangin who stood next to Ryeowook suddenly grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek… All the fans went hysteric.
8. At the start of Twins, Heechul was already fiddling with his jacket's button. After much fiddling, he finally… unbuttoned… his beautiful back was shown on the big screen…
9. During Korea’s concert, they wore white suits. Now at the Japan concert, they wore black suits and there was nothing underneath Siwon’s suit
10. Heechul and Hangeng sang to each, Leeteuk and Donghae sang to each other, both for a long time ㅡㅡ
11. Our girls can’t really understand what donghae said during their ment (introduction).
12. Yehsung: Is everyone doing well? I’m doing great!
Heechul: Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?
Eunhyuk: I’m Eunhyuk…
Siwon: I feel really blessed (In the end his pronunciation for blessed was wrong, causing an outburst of laughters)
Leeteuk: I’m Leeteuk. Is everyone happy?
13. During Gee, Heechul’s wig kept threatening to fall off so he grabbed Ryeowook’s wig and wore it, Ryeowook had no choice but to wear Heechul’s.
14. After that, everyone went on stage for ‘Sunny’
15. At the end, Eunhyuk said a lot of things such as thanking everyone, feeling very grateful, and then shouted “Who are we?”
16. After encore ended, everyone left the stage except Yehsung who kneeled down on the stage, looking really touched. Then he stood up and waved to everyone, and received warm responses from the audiences. Satisfied, he was about to leave the stage which after 3 steps, he stop abruptly, turned around and waved again, gathering responses before he finally walk away ㅡㅡ
17. The organizer of the event gave out flash phone wallpapers, which are pictures from 3rd album, and it ends off with version B’s poster picture.
18. Today, there were 4 congratulatory flower stands and one of them was from Boa, DBSG and SHINee.
19. Donghae’s ending speech today was: Hello everyone, I’m everyone’s boyfriend Donghae, I love everyone…
20. Lastly, once again, he kissed a fan’s hand…

090802 : Super Junior Premium Live in Japan

1. Today during Twins and Sorry Sorry, Donghae wore nothing underneath his suit -0- Too bad he didn’t unbutton
2. During Twins, Heechul stood at the centre of the group, just like yesterday when he showed his back. The audiences were anticipating much, but in the end he didn’t take off his jacket…
3. Siwon wore nothing underneath his suit during Sorry Sorry, which he then unbuttoned…
4. Eunhyuk danced Michael Jackson’s moon walk, it was really cool!
5. During Eunhyuk’s part in one of the songs, Donghae stood behind him and leaned his forehead on Eunhyuk’s shoulder while smiling sweetly. Then, Siwon came over and stood behind Donghae, leaning his forehead on Donghae’s shoulder while continue smiling sweetly as well… 86line is really massive…
6. Today, the Japanese fans were really hard working. They gave roaring responses and shouted really loudly during encore, applauding as well… Shindong’s first sentence as he came out for encore was “Everyone, give us your encore~~”
7. The fans shouted during each and everyone’s part in Disco Drive. For instance, during Donghae’s part, they shouted with all their might “Lee Donghae, We love Lee Donghae” in Korean. Our girls said that it was really touching, upon hearing it, Donghae even blushed >< The fans did that for the other members but because Eunhyuk doesn’t have a part in that song, he shouted “Eunhyuk, Saranghae” for himself, which earned him laughter from Kangin ㅡㅡ
8. During ‘A Man In Love’, Donghae had to inch closer towards Heechul while facing each other and Heechul used his finger to tease Donghae. [TN: Remember the part where the 2 of them stood in the middle? It should be that part, and Heenim most likely tickled his chin, haha]
9. Still, during ‘A Man In Love’, Eunhyuk held onto Donghae’s chin before forcefully pushing him aside ㅡㅡ
10. During one of the songs, Kyuhyun pushed Sungmin towards Donghae. Donghae had his hands around Sungmin’s waist while Kyuhyun went behind them and did a heart with 2 hands. [TN: I’m not sure if they meant making the heart with HaeMin’s hands or Kyu’s own hands]
11. Siwon kissed Eunhyuk during one of the songs -0-
12. Not sure if its during ‘Shining Star’, Ryeowook had his hands on Hangeng and Kyuhyun’s waists , and then Heechul ran over and sat on Hangeng’s laps ㅡㅡ
13. Yehsung held his hand out to touch Donghae’s face during Donghae’s part and it was caught on the big screen, causing much screams ><
14. During Ryeowook’s part, Donghae and Siwon who stood at each of his sides kissed him.
15. During Donghae’s part in Angela, Heechul went behind him and held his hands around him before engulfing him into a hug, the crowd went hysteric.
16. During Gee, both Donghae and Heechul hand pink ribbons and Heechul had a small crooked ponytail at the top as well.
17. Siwon stripped during Gee, our girls said they could see his abs clearly
18. After Leeteuk introduced himself during the ment, Kangin, Donghae (not so sure) and him hopped on one leg to the far right, and then gave cue to Kangin to hop to the far left…
19. At the start of the ment for introduction, Donghae said “ Hello everyone, I’m Lee Donghae---
I say oh! You say oh! (ELF screamed Oh!)
I say ohoh! You say ohoh! (ELF screamed oh!oh!)
I say ohohoh! You say ohohoh! (ELF screamed oh! oh! oh!)"
20. Kangin grabbed a bottle of water before pouring it on his arm and then licking it off… the crowd went crazy
21. Hangeng shook his hips to a sexy dance ><
22. Heechul continued his “Who am I” stunt. ELF shouted Kim Heechul loudly which left him satisfied.
23. Kyuhyun said a string of good fluent Japanese. Our girls can’t remember what the content was but it was somewhat like a rhyme. The Japanese fans were amazed.
24. Ryeowook did a cute sexy dance
25. Siwon shyly said “Hello everyone, I’m Choi Siwon”
26. During farewell, Donghae continued saying that he’s everyone’s boyfriend ㅡㅡ
Shindong said “Japanese girls are very cute. Marry me!”
Heechul said “Everyone believes me, right?” (Fans yelled ‘Yeah’)
Leeteuk said “Thank you for coming to our concert. We’re really very blessed. Thank you, everyone” (Feels like he was going to cry ><)
No one understood what Yehsung said…
Ryeowook said “We’ll have our concert at a bigger stage next time. Let’s meet there next time!”
Hangeng said “I’ve always been thinking of everyone. Seeing everyone makes me feel really happy!”
Siwon said “Everyone, thank you so much!”
Sungmin said “We’ll be back. Everyone, please wait for us, wait for us”
Eunhyuk… didn’t manage to catch.. [TN: Not sure if they meant he didn’t say anything or they couldn’t catch his words]
27. Leeteuk said at the end “Our Japanese concert ended. We’ll be back”
28. Hangeng also said “I love you guys”
29. Heechul said “I can’t bear to (leave you guys)” in Chinese, which the Japanese fans couldn’t understand, while our girls hyped up after hearing it…
30. Today, the place was filled with little sapphire blue notes that have all their signatures on it, and even Sungmin’s ‘Thank you’ written in Japanese.
31. While Yehsung was singing his part in Sorry Sorry, he accidentally dropped his mike on the ground ㅡㅡ
32. Last notice, today Donghae didn’t kiss any fan’s hand because the front seats were pushed back, and thus he can’t reach them ㅡㅡ

Source: Lee Donghae Baidu Bar & ELFISH.cc
Translated by: Cinderella @ Sj-World.net
Do not take add in your own credits!

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