[UPDATE] 2NE1 me2day

read their me2day update inside this post!
#05.08.2009 Dara: This is a photo taken during Inkigayo! That day I did the Miss Korea lion hair but no one knew…ㅠㅠ Shall I give a hint to our performance today^^Erm.. Each one.. Something likeable.. Erm very cool.. Enjoyable..! Aei!! It’s a secret! Dara reporter have some secrets sometimes!!!^.^ Understand?ㅋ

#05.08.2009 Dara: Traces of rehearsal…. We finished a dry-run rehearsal for Chocolate and are now in the dressing room! Today everyone is so passionate (on stage) and our perspiration couldn’t stop flowing!^^ Anticipation!ㅋ We worked hard and enjoyed hard for long and I’ve taken out the perspiration-soaked shirt off to dryㅋAm going to wear back the top…ㅋ

#05.08.2009 MinJi: Goddess Bbom unnie who is memorising the lyricsㅋ

#05.08.2009 MinJi: Drinking bean tea from a straw~~ㅋ

My favourite photo of the day: 놀자!


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