[Video] Family Outing Ep. 60 ==RAW==

The guest in this episode was Choi Soo Jong. He is a Korean actor, he was Iljimae cast in 1990, then after that the Iljimae Movie was regenerated by Jang Dong Gun in 1993 and also by Lee Jun Ki in 2008.
GOSH!! Haejin looks so handsome and charismatic!
Love this episode.
There are 9 parts. Please enjoy inside this post and stay tuned, keep visiting, because we'll post the subbed one if they're subbed already! Thanks to Uni0509 for uploading it!
*Just for information, in this episode Daesung didn't joined the filming. because he had an event at that time. But he still appeared in this episode, he even jumped here.. And I feel hurt when saw this episode.. I can't believe he got an accident.. Hope he get over soon, so that he can continue filming with the family happily..

Part 1 - Choi Soo jong gave first impression of the family..

Part 2 - Oh my.. Kim Sooro was ordered! and he did it!!

Part 3 - What happened to Jaesuk's pant?? LOL~~

Part 4 - Park Si Yeon Cried!

Part 5 - Kim Kook Jong Sunsaeng-nim!!

Part 6 - Unusual Hyori

Part 7 - Train again and Knock Down Jaesuk!

Part 8 - Let's Have Dinner!

Part 9 - Playing with the Horse??

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