Angry 2PM fans boycott JYP Entertainment

The aftermath of group 2PM member JaeBum’s leaving of the group, after criticisms of his offending messages posted up on his MySpace page before debut, keeps growing.

For one, a 2PM fansite Underground has issued a boycott against JYP Entertainment on 10th September at 9am.

UnderGround members are very unhappy with the fact that JYP is doing nothing when their singer JaeBum, leader of 2PM, leaves the group and even went as far as going out of the country.

With that UnderGround has come up with a boycott against the ticket sales to the ‘2009 Dream Concert’ which will take place next month.

They also talked about their stand regarding other 2PM’s albums and merchandizes. They will start boycotting purchase of albums released by 2PM.

UnderGround also stated that they will not support and boycott any event or advertisement, product endorsement by 2PM without JaeBum back in the group.

They have stated that they will continue with this status until 2PM is a whole group again. And they also stated that what they are doing is for the sake of the group.

Meanwhile, JaeBum has left 2PM and also Korea on 8th September, 4 days after the backlashes from the revelation of his pre-debut messages posted on MySpace.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This act is actually hurting Jaebum more, causing him to be giltier.

  2. Anonymous says:

    eh people, seriously. what you're doing now isn't going to be helping jay to feel better. you all keep on saying jay is part of 2pm and will always be. so if you were to boycott jyp, you won't be supporting 2pm and thus won't be supporting jay. sigh. ppl, pls think before you do something. you're not the only one who wants everything in the world. think about the other people around you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please let jaebem alone, he needs time to rest, doing that just makes him more tired and embarrassed! I know that all of you really want him to come back, but now is not the right time. Can u understand that thing? Just calm down and wait for him!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this will hurt the other members
    i believe they are 100% more hurted and sadden by this matter
    and boycotting their products aint making it any better, in fact worse.

  5. Anonymous says:

    not hurting jay only but also the other member..

  6. Anonymous says:

    come on guys!!! calm down!!! that will hurt Jae Bum more and why would the other member have to suffer that?

  7. Anonymous says:

    lets give Jay more time to get himself back again. He is now trying to relax himself and giving himself a break. He is also tired of seeing his team members getting hurt so pls give him more time. If we treat Jay as part of 2PM, den we should all respect with what Jay did. i m sure that he had a difficult time makig this decision so lets respect him. We do trust Jay rite? LETS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT JAY AND 2PM GUYS, NVR GIVE UP. BE STRONG, TRUST JAY AND HIS 2PM MEMBERS.




  8. Anonymous says:

    my godness....... those fans are sooo sooo like.. grr... who are they??? commanders??

  9. Anonymous says:

    those retards never think of the consequences before they act..
    when will they ever learn..

  10. Anonymous says:

    this is making jae feel worse. stop adding stress to him!

  11. Anonymous says:

    actually these fans are rly dumb u want to boycott ppl???
    go bash the fker whom published the myspace msgs la

    SHE only took part of the comments
    below the comments were the comments he made in 2006 whereby he complimented abt korea


  12. Anonymous says:

    it's look like TVXQ.if 2PM is not seven members,it is not 2PM.
    Hwaiting Jae Bum & 2PM

  13. Anonymous says:

    well what the Underground fansite do have their own right thing
    but u guys should consider the ither members of 2PM also

    they could be sad and maybe Jay too
    but i agree with u that Mr JYP should have done something about Jay..
    i believe he has a power to bring Jay back to solve this problem.

    i really hope Mr JYP will use his own hand to handle this matter coz many fans are very sad up there...

  14. Anonymous says:

    you guys dun even know about korean.
    korean fans do right this time i think.
    this can help pushing jyp to do something and get jaebeom back.
    come on.. if jyp dun do anything.. i dun think jae will come back.
    im not sayin jae stayin in america is not good.
    but for his own sake. for his dream. for the tears and sweat he had.
    it is a must to push jyp to do something.
    other anti-fans doing in a extreme way. i think fans need to do it in an extreme way as well.

    no use for foreigner like us to write things on the internet.
    the most useful is what korea fans do!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I laso think that they are doing the right thing
    it's better to act RIGHT NOW to solve the whole thing and also I guess that it's the only way to convince JYP to insist with Jaebom. I was disappointed by JYP late reaction he could have stand for Jay earlier and in maybe a different way.
    Returning back this fast to america don't seem to be a good way of salving things, I fully understand his feelings but if we want one day to see him again, and as soon as possible (not after 3 or 4 years) we must push JYP to really do something

    Korean fans please forgive Jay and do anything so that he will come back !!

  16. Anonymous says:

    who are you to say that jay returning back to america is not a good thing. you're not seeing it from jay's point of view. do you think it's easy for him to stand all those hurting words being thrown at him. he needs a time off. and for him to do that is to go back to america where his family is. if you call yourself a fan of 2pm (which include jay), then stop doing all those stupid stuff and think about their feelings. man. what happen to all your brains.

  17. Anonymous says:

    jae bum, I hope you okey right now
    please open your mind and realize that many people loves you...
    please come back to your family...your 2PM's families...
    i hope you thinking over again and consider what have you done...all your hadworked, all your fans, all your member n crew whose support you...
    we love you..always...
    i just want you to thinking again and trying your best to fix this situation so you will not regret it later...
    whatever your decision...we will love you and hope you fine and happy

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey dude. im a fan of jae. ok? and i do think of his feeling.
    im not saying jae back to america is not a good things.
    did i write something wrong in my comment? sorry my english sucks.
    i mean it maybe good for jae to stay in america and of cuz he need a break for all the stuff..and rest for a while.

    but if JYP don't do something now. it is sure that jae wont back anymore..
    maybe 4to5 years.. who knows?

    what i think is at least this fans action can let jae think that he still hv a lot of people who support him. and give him courage to continue his dream..

    anyways..still the same word. no use for the thing that fans in other countries write.

  19. Anonymous says:

    this is pissing me off i'm starting to think that fans aren't fans at all if u love 2pm y the hell wud u do something that can seriously hurt thm their only thinking about themselves which isn't fair on the other members and jae!! and here i was hoping hottest were different to other fanclubs but obviously not their just as brutal and heartless as the antis are

  20. Anonymous says:

    go people!!!!!!!!!!1111
    why some people think this is dumb
    if we really love jay and want him back, this is actually a right way to force jyp.
    for thoese people who don't consider jay is necessary in 2pm, u probably think this is a dumb action. if you really care about jay, care about 2pm, do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    but what if because of this boycott they decided that 2pm will not work out anymore...
    is would make the matter worst right?
    and jyp already commented on jay leaving and stuff..
    what do you all want jyp to do?
    bring him back and let the netizens hurt him even more..
    i think jyp is only letting him go back to rest and study more about music and stuff..
    he will be back soon..
    when the thing cools down...
    and yeah..
    i was a little angry with jyp as they waited till jay left before they started saying good things about him which was like very late..
    but is it really better to force him back to korea now??
    im still worried that some of the idoit netizens or anti might try to do something to him..
    and by boycotting it would also hurt the other members too..
    and jay left korea in hope that he would be able to ensure that his members will still have a bright future in 2pm..
    but here we are spoiling his last hope and his last effort of trying to make sure that 2pm will stll be around..

  22. Anonymous says:

    They had their reasons too.
    Because if 2pm was still successful w/o jay , JYPE wont consider getting jay back , making it hard for jay to return.
    I think they want to show that jay's importance in 2pm.

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