[Video] SJ Eunhyuk in Paris

When Eunhyuk came, we count to 3 and everybody shouted ‘EUNHYUK ANNYEONGHASEYO!’ at the same time.

credits: kenoa83 @youtube

credits: flowatthedisco @youtube

The person he looks at on his left, it’s me!

>@ 02:32 he asks me about hangul

> from 03:20 to 03:32 we talk about hangul again and him

>@ 04:00 he tells me that he has to go (which means that I said stop because he told me)

>from 04:11 you can hear me laughing, I forgot to give him back his bag *both shy*

>and I’m not sure, but I think that when I said ‘merci’, he answered @ 04:26 , and i think he said it in french too.. to confirm

Anyway, that video proove that wasn’t shouting lol You can’t hear my voice until the very end.

He wasn’t scared, I was afraid to scare him, because he was watching us with his big puppy eyes. When I told him ‘don’t be afraid’: I was afraid! Then we understood that he was surprised. He wasn’t expecting a so warm welcome in Paris.

To explain something: My goal was that everybody could give the gifts and get his signature. Our main goal was to not scare him and to NOT put pressure on him. And everyone was respectful with him. He probably appreciate it.

The funny thing: between us it was shy/funny/awkward! He gave me his bag so he can sign to the fans (to Nat> hands touching lol).

When I talked to him he just looked at me, and I was ‘aish, your Hangul sucks!’. But after, he asked me twice ‘how does it come you speak hangul?’. First, I just smiled, I thought he was kidding. But then, he asked again the same question. And with my thumb and my index, I showed him ‘a little’, he imitates me and did the same. That was cute (how old am I?).

I put my hand on his arm (for the nth time, sorry but as a noona that’s the best way I found to reassure him).

-Eunhyuk, oettoekkae shinesseyo? I asked (how are u?)

-SHAL SHINEYO. He answered slowly with something of ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ in his eyes. He was great.

My real question was ‘how do you feel lately? isn’t too hard?’

Then I gave him back his gifts bags and I took his bag without noticing, and he claimed his bag shyly, that was embarrassing coz I know people around saw it. I should run with his bag AHAH.

Ah, the very very end. Someone has a great idea, and everybody shout at the same time ‘SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!’. That’s when he left.

A very very few people walked with him but that’s it.

MERCI, THANKS, GOMAEYO to everyone! You were amazing FRENCH E.L.F!

PS: Contrary to what people could think, I am NOT the president of the French Fanclub, and I organized nothing at all.


Apparently Eunhyuk took the subway and people followed him to help him to find his direction. They took the subway with him and while he was reading his french dictionnary, he tried to say words like ‘Are you married?’.

source: Kinsy@ super-junior13.forumsline.com

source article:sapphirepearls

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ouh. what he doing in paris? besides, why hes alone?

  2. magali says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this report. Though I'm living in France, I couldn't make my way to Paris to welcome him. I've very satisfied with the way french ELF behave towards him.
    Yet I have to admit that I hate you for touching his shoulder ! hahaha
    Girls you rock !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aw, the French ELF are so good! :)

  4. Minako says:

    You're so lucky!

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh et est ce que vous avez ou on pourrait le renconter ou le voir ?

  6. shibu_chan says:

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!
    Eunhyuk est à Paris, ahhh j'en reviens pas, pas question de le louper, j'ai vu sur certain forum comme quoi il partirai samedi, snowwhite99 do you speak french ?
    si c'est le cas es-tu au-courant ?
    j'ai loupé G-Dragon mais là pas question de rater Eunhyuk !!!!!
    je dois aller à l'aéroport justement samedi car un ami à moi repart à Hong Kong donc c'est d'une pierre deux coups xD

  7. Anonymous says:

    im so proud of the fans there!
    so orderly!
    im sure eunhyuk was very happy with it! =)
    but why is he dere?
    n alone!
    im very scared he will get lost!

  8. Anonymous says:

    the person behind him with a 'A' necklace, it’s me =)
    I was so shy >___<

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