[Audio/TRANS ENG] Phone Call to Yunho & Go Ara from Chin Chin Radio

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TY: Oh okay, I was wondering if we could get in contact with Yunho ssi. Is he there with you?
Ara: Oh, today he is not here.
TY: Really?
Ara: Yeah, today he finished early and threw us away.
TY: Haha, he left early?
Ara: Yep!
TY: Okay, so then, do you want to contact him and ask him what he is doing?
Ara: Oh dear, what should I call him?
TY: You can just use his name from the drama.
Ara: Can I? Okay then.
Ara: Cha Bong Goon ssi!
YH: Hello?
TY: Hello?
YH: Hello!
TY: Hello, this is from Chin Chin Radio.
YH: Yes, I know this radio program very well.
TY: It's nice to meet you.
YH: It's nice to meet you too.
TY: Oh, so today's filming ended early?
YH: For the first time in a long time, filming ended early so I'm back home practicing the script.
TY: Oh, so that was it. Do the lead characters leave early even though the other lead hasn't finished filming?
YH: Oh! Of course not! But today . . .
Ara: Ah! I'm so tired!
YH: Of course not, but BongGoon is turning into a more charismatic character so I'm a little worried.
TY: Oh okay, this is your acting debut and there must be a lot of things for you to prepare for but I'm wondering if your senior in acting, Ara, is helping you a lot?
YH: Ara really looks after me a lot and . . .
TY: Truthfully.
YH: Truthfully?
Ara: Taeyeon-ah . . .
YH: Well, she looks after me a lot but she laughs a lot. Hahaha
TY: She laughs a lot???
YH: She laughs a lot and that really brightens the atmosphere when filming.
TY: Oh okay~ Is Ara very energetic when she films?
YH: Yeah.
TY: Her character is very bright isn't it?
YH: Yes since she is the cutest.
TY: Right. You are also a soccer player in the drama right?
YH: Yes.
TY: Do like playing soccer in real life?
YH: I like soccer but after this drama I've been practicing it more and my skills have increased.
TY: I was watching the drama and it seems like you are suffering a lot.
TY: You go to prison and the hospital.
YH: Yeah, Cha Bong Goon has to go through a lot. And this week our BongGoon becomes a little more mature and charismatic. The cute BongGoon has gone.
TY: Oh is that so? Ara~!
Ara: Yes?
TY: Since your opposite male lead is a rookie actor, was there any part that was a little difficult like making a lot of NGs?
Ara: Lots of NGs~~~ haha
TY: Oh, are you the one making them?
Ara: Yeah, I have this thing where I laugh once and I can't stop easily. Haha Other than that, I don't know if it is okay to say this but since Yunho uses his body well he films action scenes really well.
TY: Really? All of them?
Ara: Yes. I really admire him for that.
YH: Oh, don't be like that! Haha
Ara: Not just as my senior but as my life senior too.
TY: Okay, it seems like you two are too busy complimenting each other.
YH: I'm getting embarrassed right now.
TY: So Yunho ssi, are you only focused on acting right now? Do you have something else in your schedule? A lot of people are curious about this kind of thing.
YH: Right now I am focusing on the drama but after this we have a concert in Shanghai and I have to try my best.
TY: That right, you must be really busy. I hope you try your hardest with the drama but still think about your health.
YH: You too. And is Ara listening right now?
Ara: Yes! I am listening.
YH: Lets be healthy 'till the end and hwaiting!
Ara: Hwaiting!
TY: Yunho and Ara both meet each other comfortable outside of the drama and right now since we are on air they are being really polite to each other.
YH: It's the same with you Tengu!
TY: No! The Tengu came out. The Tengu came out!
Ara: Tengu!!! We really miss you!
TY: Yunho oppa!
YH: What?
TY: We will see you later! And Ara~!
Ara: TaeYeon-ah~
TY: I'll call you after the broadcast is over!
Ara: I miss you!!
TY: Me too! But first, Ara do you have anything you want to listen to?
Ara: Actually, there is one song that I really want to hear.
TY: Yes?
Ara: I like this song very much and the voices are wonderfully. I love It's Love.
TY: Haha, the OST?
Ara: But I want to hear Suh Young Eun's Footsteps.
TY: Okay, Ara has requested Footsteps by Seo Young Eun and Yunho, you can request a song the next time we call.
YH: Okay, I like the OST too.
TY: Oh! Thank you very much. I hope our family supports the drama and the two of you guys are hwaiting!
YH: Hwaiting! It was nice to talk to you.
Ara: Hwaiting! It was nice to talk to you.
TY: Bye, bye!
Ara: Bye, bye!

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    ara is from sm right ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    yar ara is from sm!
    the Tengu is taeyeon right?

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