[DKP News] T-Ara celebrates Chuseok in Hanbok

Besides F(x) girls, T-Ara also celebrate Chuseok in hanbok. They look very cute in Hanbok.

And it is their first time coming back home after debut, though their families have been come once to their dorm after debut. There're some expression from the girls :
"I'm planning to take family pictures,"(Eunjung)

"Because it's a big house, I have to help set the table." (Hyomin)

"There's a lot to do. Ever since I was five, I've helped make rice cakes during Chuseok. I also need to go see my grandmother, who passed away 2 years ago." (Soyeon)

T-ara plans to release a mini album around November.

src : allkpop + Katana, kkbluvv@diadem

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