[News]f(x) Celebrates Chuseok in Hanboks

Rookie group f(x) sent their own greetings through a few photos, donning 'hanboks' (Korean traditional dress) that was befitting to each member's style and charm.

Leader Victoria stated, "I remember eating 'song pyeon' (Korean sticky rice cake) for the first time as one of the Chuseok meals and it was very delicious. Thinking about eating 'song pyeon' again this year makes me anticipate Chuseok even more."

Additionally, f(x) bid their Chuseok greetings and shared their ambitions for the future. "We hope everyone spends a happy holiday for Chuseok. As this is our first Chuseok together as a group since our debut, we plan to eat delicious food, wish upon the full moon and spend a special time with one another."

f(x) will hold their first performance overseas on the 6th at Victoria's home town, Qingdao, China and has been working diligently for the sake of the 2009 Korea-China Song Festival.


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    Amber is sooo cute!
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