[News]Big Bang Back on Korean TV After 10 Months Absence

Big Bang has been working hard on their Japan promotions as well as solo projects and are planning to return to the Korean scene on T.V! Sadly, not with a new album.

The five-member group will come back as part of the upcoming Chuseok special on SBS. This is a surprise appearance since they were not supposed to have Korean activities for most of 2009.

As many already knew, G-Dragon and 2NE1 performed on a special stage Idol Big Show,for the highly anticipated , an episode to be revealed on October 3rd. This is a performance unlike any you have seen before! Are you excited?

As this is a pre-recorded performance, it has been reported that G-Dragon performed "Breathe", "Hello" with Dara, and "1 Year Station". Then 2NE1 followed up with "Fire" drum music/rhythmic version as well as "Let's Go Party" from their 1st Mini Album. "Let's Go Party" has not been performed live yet so that's definitely something to look forward to.

Then the surprise arrival of Big Bang had many fans shocked, because no one had any idea they were coming. They were there to support their fellow YG Family members, 2NE1 and their brother G-Dragon. The group sang "Last Farewell" with 2NE1 as well as their song, "How Gee". A freestyle dance battle with 2NE1 also occurred... Now that I'm looking forward to. Minzy and Taeyang? You know it's gonna be hot.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    one word.
    " EPIC "

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay,big bang and 2ne1..dkp will post it rite..yay..

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