[DKP NEWS] Tae Yeon came in #3 for "The most wanted wife for Chuseok"!

During mid autumn festival, it is really uncomfortable for unmarried men to see other couples going back to their hometown in pairs. It is really embarrasing for those unmarried men to be asked by relatives "when are you getting married","do you have girlfriend" and etcetera.

So namsuclub has carried out a survey specially for unmarried men,the title of the survey is "the female artist that you wish to take home with during Chuseok",this survey has caught a lot of attention.

This survey was started on 21st September.The results are Kim Tae Hee got the first place with 36%,Han Ye Seul with 15.4% and Tae Yeon with 11%!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Number 1 would be Yoona, then number 2 would be taeyeon, then number 3. Lee Hyori. Whats ur top 3?

  2. Anonymous says:

    my no.1 will be tae!
    tae is really cute!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My one would be Taeyeon!~ She's the SUPERRR wife. 2nd would be Lee Hyori , and 3rd would be SoHee!~

  4. Anonymous says:

    1st will be jessica Jung 2nd jessica jung .3rd jessica jung..wahaha just love ice princes!!!

  5. Taengoolove says:

    Taeyeon should be NO.1 of my list then Jessica <33 i love you Kim Taeyeon.....:(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Taeyeon <3!!
    She's totally awesome!

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