[DKPNews] Junho & Junsu were sorry that 2PM could not perform as a group.. + Fancam Video

Today, September 25th, 2PM members Junho & Junsu performed duet by singing Only You at 2009 Super Model Contest.

This event had been scheduled earlier before Jaebeom's incident. Since JYP Ent. could not turn down, it would be the 6 members of 2PM's first performance , after the Incheon Korean Wave Festival which was held on the 5th.

From SBS side, they said that the performance would still go on, but because of fear of reprisals from netizens, they did not record 2PM's performance nor show it through the live broadcast.
At first, they decided to take only two members of 2PM to perform there, the one will be NichKhun, and the other was still being discussed. But at last, Junho and Junsu were the two who performed there.

After Junho and Junsu performed the duet, Junsu said that they were sorry that 2PM could not perform as a group and promised to do so next time.
Although it's a hard situation, they will still perform to keep their promise to perform as 2PM.

See more Junho and Junsu's pictures at the event below!

cr pics:newsen
snowwhite99 @ Daily Kpop News


hope they'll perform as 2PM with 7 members soon...
Keep supporting them!

watch the other performers there
SNSD | G-Dragon | 2NE1

Thanks to Anonymous who gave me the link of the fancam...


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Bring Jay back!
    We love and support you 2PM!
    we hope that you'd perform as
    one group, 7 members soon!
    Jay stay strong and come back!
    2PM fighting!

  3. Anonymous says:

    why can't the netizens just give Jay and 2PM a break? After all, they are still idols rite? why do some ppl make situation so serious when a mistake is being done by an idol? if it is done by an normal person, nobody will care. Jay and 2PM is also human, they will also have stress and tireness. so pls just give them a break. If those netizens do not like them, then just ask them to close their eyes and ears or just turn the tv channel. It is not fair that becos of the netizens and 2PM performance cnt be boardcast. there are million times more ppl around the world who wan to watch their performance than those netizens. IT IS NOT FAIR.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i agree with the previous post. hope that someone cn post this post to somewhere where the netizens or the whole world cn see. IT IS REALLY NOT FAIR.

  5. mihiro says:

    I am super sad that 2PM could not perform together. Although my fav Junsu there, but still not satisfied that the whole members not together. Jay, please back! 2PM need you, your fans need you. And thanks for uploading this video. Love Junsu and 2PM so much. And Jay, please come back T___T

  6. Anonymous says:

    its not d'same anymore, no matter how hard u try..
    without jaebum, 2PM isnt d'same 2PM...

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