[DKPNews] "We're preparing to invite Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin back..."

Former members of Family Outing, Lee Chun Hee and Park Yejin will come back to Family Outing as guests.

Lee Chun Hee has been regretting his leaving from Family Outing for many times. And after a while, last time he expressed it was revealed earlier in the week on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2, when Chun Hee was one of the guests there.

He had recorded a video letter for PD Jang, the Family Outing's PD by saying, "Even if I am only a guest, please let me appear on Family Outing once."
And on the next day, he said jokingly at the press conference of his new drama, "Really want to go and have some fun with the family."

Lee Chun Hee said that he was worried of being a clumsy Chunderella who always got scolded b Kim Step Mom on Family Outing and ruin his acting career. But that was the fun and most unforgettable moments he ever had.

So, Jang Hyuk Jae PD, the PD of Family Outing said, "I was really shocked when I saw Chun Hee's video letter. We are prepared to invite Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin back as guests, but it's not the right time now. There will be a chance in future."

snowwhite99 @ Daily Kpop News

Chun Hee just loves his "Family" so much....
Oh!! I hope they will come back soon!! miss them a lot..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i miss them so much!
    it isn't the same anymore :(

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