[DKPNews] Yunho was cheered by more than 4000 fans + Pictures + Video

Today, Heading to the Ground put an announcement at approximately 7:00 PM that they will be filming with Yunho at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.
And around 8:30 PM, when Yunho appeare there, the fans were cheering crazily.

Yunho thanked everyone for coming and also said because all of you were now a part of the Heading to the Ground cast, we would need your cooperation.And more than 4000 fans cheered him by yelling "Cha Bong Gun" which is the name of Yunho's character in the drama.
Fans were also given many various signs by the staff for this filming. The shooting occured very well. It's pretty awesome that more than 4,000 fans can mobilize so quickly on short notice, that's the power of fandom.


cr: OneTVXQ
see more pics at Seoul World Cup Stadium below..

by snowwhite99 @ Daily K pop News

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