[fancam video] Eunhyuk left Paris + fanaccount

These are fancam vids and their fanaccaount about Eunhyuk in CDG Paris :

Eunhyuk left Paris today. He was almost late. He should take a taxi instead of subway.

Before luggage registration, everything went well. But after, it becomes a real mess.

This one, we sung ’sorry sorry’. My friend Graz had the idea, i counted to 3 and let’s go! He smiled shyly and did a hwaiting with his hand lol I love so much this fancam, ’shy guy’ was the song to add!

cr:credits: kawairemon @ youtube

Same one but with the singing, camera on my head! I know it would be usefull one day! Thank you dongsaeng Migda, I know you uploaded it while you were busy. *bow bow*

credits: cybergonz @ youtube

credits: annaenvallof4 @ youtube


When the mess started. On the first one, you can hear my friend’s saying ‘you can’t do that, he can barely walk with his suitcase’. And he took the wrong direction!

Btw, I was next to him and told him in hangul that he has to go to the gate number 35. After I left the crowd, and with a friend, we went to see which way he has to take. But in this video, i’m discovering that he got lost! Indeed, he actually had to walk straight on but he didn’t.. *sigh* Btw in this video, there are also tourists, not only fans.

In this one, there was a queue but the airport staff let him pass.

credits: RubieHJ @ youtube

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Fortunately he arrived Korea safely, thanks to French ELF!! Maybe for next trip, they should go with their manager haha..

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