[News] Big Bang Hite Dynamite Concert!

‘Cool Guy Big Bang’ who were the youngest Korean Celebrities to ever model for beer, have sponsored Hite beer twice now, with a couple of CFs and Hite beer concerts; they will attend the ‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ as the special guest, along with other guests such as Mondo Grosso, UJN & NOVA, Lip 2 Shop, Astro Voize DJ, etc.

This ‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ will be a Live Concert that will go on for two days and will last approximately 360 minutes. This concert will be held on October 9th to October 10th, at Busan Suyeong Yach Stadium, starting at 10:00pm (korean time).

Special guest, Big Bang will attend this festival during the first day, Friday October 9th. The event will be thanks to ‘Hite Beer” and all it’s participants, for more information on this visit the official Hite Beer site.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, they are the type of singers that fit to model for beer. Appearance and style wise.

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