[News] 2PM Taekyeon-Wooyoung : Yesterday was their last appearance as SBS Inkigayo's MCs

Having a hard time coping with the fact that their leader JaeBum has left the group, 2PM members TaekYeon and WooYoung have left their MC roles on SBS Inkigayo.

With their last appearance as MCs on the show on 13th September, Park SeongHoon PD of Inkigayo said in a phone interview,”It is not in the production team’s decision to replace the MCs. Even though we did discuss with JYP about it, we have wanted TaekYeon and WooYoung to be MCs on the show.”

ty_wy_130909_2Park PD said, “In any case, our production team wishes the best for the 2 MCs. Even though they are the members of 2PM, to us they are individually Ok TaekYeon and Jang WooYoung, it is such a shame that they will not be MCing anymore. The 2 of them are doing very well and wish to continue MCing, but since there may be public opinion about their appearance as MCs on the show, there is no guarantee to it.”

The PD also said, “It is very praise-worthy of them today. They did not mentioned anything, they keep their greetings short like usual. The 2 of them did not think about this as really their last MC appearance.”

With that, Inkigayo production team also put up a notice on their homepage, “There have been changes in just one day, there have been some problems faced by the MCs, and even though we are sorry that we can’t give any promises, we genuinely wish the best for all members of 2PM that they do not receive any hurt and in whatever decisions that TaekYeon and WooYoung may make, we will protect them.”


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