Kim HyunJoong Is To Set Foot On Korea After Treatment

Hard year for the boy idol groups this year with every entertainment in the industry facing at least one hard time (JYP, SM, DSP, YG). Thankfully, Kim HyunJoong is fully recovered from the virus and will be arriving in Korea at least relieving the Triple S and removing DSP Entertainment for its troubles of the year.

On September 16th at 2PM, Kim HyunJoong will be arriving through KimPo Airport. He will even be bringing the documents from the hospital that the H1N1 virus has fully been cured.

On the 15th, DSP Entertainment called OSEN and said that Kim HyunJoong will be leaving the hospital on the 15th and arriving in Korea on the 16th. His virus had been fully cured and to relieve his fans, he will even be bringing the hospital’s documents. They added that HyunJoong’s voice had also gotten better relieving many of the fans.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm really happy that you are ok right now .thanks god your back. lynekim from the philippines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    please take good care of your health... GODBLESS.SARANGHAE kim hyun joong

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