A new dimension to 2PM JaeBum’s case?

A new light has been shed on the 2PM JaeBum’s case.

The once heated criticisms against his for his offending messages on his MySpace page has now died down much with his leaving of the group and returning to the States.

And there is starting to be clearance on JaeBum’s wrongdoing, and also emphasis on the problems of the media and looking into the essence of the incident.

Aired on the 15th, MBC ‘PD Notebook’ focused at the JaeBum’s case and talks about the problem of how discussion (of the case) caused the problem to be magnified. And as time pass, the interactions between the fans, netizens and discussion boards get into a chaotic state.

The truth is that emotions and fandom instead of rationality has got to many of the Korean netizens and fans in this case. Some fans and netizens actually played a part on how the case turned out to be in its current state – with the emotional fight the 2 parties have played out. Even though JaeBum should be at the centre of the case, it feels as though he has been thrown out of the spotlight of the whole incident.

With that, mentioned on PD Notebook, with rational judgement, things would have turned out better than it was. It seems that all the discussions about how JaeBum has done wrong and all that fandom to save their oppa have played a large part in the development of this event. This case should have be dealt with without the abnormal and overheated irrationality and judgement.
The turning point

The turning point to the case is the change in public opinions and all the exercises that fans are going through to return JaeBum back to the group.

Netizens are starting to voice, “Did JaeBum really make such a big wrong?”, “What kind of justice has JaeBum been put through all the improper and irrational judgement?”

While there are also netizens who said, “In this event, all parties get hurt. Everyone should time to reflect.”, “What is needed to heal all the wounds is time. Everyone should take a step back, and embrace one another with a rational mind.”
The expert says

A music industry expert also spoke up about this case, “It is true that in this case JaeBum’s words (on MySpace) were inappropriate looking at it on the societal level. But the situation continued at the state where there was no greater understanding. The netizens, fans and press were all irrational.”

“This should not have turned out this way. It was purely a mistake made when young, JaeBum had apologised, all that happening should have ended there. Netizens fell into a crazy chase to put JaeBum into a difficult spot and fans also went on an emtional path of sympathy for JaeBum. The press also ran articles magnifying the situation.”

After the airing of PD Notebook, another music industry expert said, “The fans, netizens and the press should look at the case macroscopically. If another outrage should not arise again. If another piece of the past is to add on to it, it brings more burden to JaeBum, only making it harder for him to return to 2PM. Every party should acknowledge their wrong, and work for a better solution to it.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i agree
    the fans should also think of the other members of how they're already hurting and then returning cds etc which is like making them even sadder in my opinion

  2. Anonymous says:

    totally agreeing with this article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i really agree with this. I support Jaebum but i would also support 2pm. sometimes i just think the hottests should let it die down a lot more too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i agree with supergirlcorner...
    just because of Jaebom's departure from 2PM doen't mean that they will no longer support the remaining members...
    it is the time to give moral support to the members especially Jaebom..
    returning the CDs and boycotting the activities of 2PM make the fuss grow bigger and it's more difficult to heal...

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