[me2day] 2NE1, “Practising hard! We even watched DVD!”

Taking a rest from the Kpop scene, 4-member group 2NE1 has updated on their recent status.

2NE1 Sandara Park uploaded a photo on their me2day account at noon on 28th September a photo taken together with CL and Park Bom.

Sandara Park wrote, “Good morning!^.^ The apple head sisters and pretty Bbomi! Photographer is MingKki~! Recently we have been practising hard!”

She then added, “And one more thing that we have been doing lately – watching DVD! After our practice, we will go back to the quarters, and 4 of us will sit together and watch movieㅋ We really like romantic comedy. For horror zombie movie, we turned it off but why is the sound still…”


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  1. boomi says:

    waaaah i love 2ne1 :X

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope Dara practices hard, she needs to improve big time~

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