[news] 2PM begins performing as a 6 member group

JYP announced that after leader Park Jaebeom's split from 2PM that the group would be continuing with 6 members and is holding true to his promise thus far.

According to their schedule, 2PM's first concert as a 6-member group, dubbed 1:59 PM by some fans, will be at at the 2009 Supermodel Contest, held in Gyeongnam.

Other performers at the event include G-dragon, 2NE1, SNSD / Girls' Generation, Baek Ji Young, Hyunbin, and Wink.

The 2PM boys were scheduled to perform at this event before the Jaebeom situation arose, and there hasn't been an official cancellation from JYPE or anyone else.

If not this event, it is possible that the group will perform at the Dream Concert on October 10th. In response to whether 2PM would still perform at the Dream Concert, it was said that, "Our wanting of 2PM on stage hasn't changed."

Either way, if 2PM shows up at these events or not, the Hottests' call for a holdout on all 2PM activities will be enforced, and netizens have already expressed outrage at the news.

After it was announced that 2PM would continue with 6 members, comments such as "I can't believe it," "Without Jaebeom, attending 2PM activities is impossible," and "JYP's attitude towards the situation is pissing me off," sprung up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    2pm hwaiting!
    its really sad that Jae is gone but im really glad that they will not replace jae... at least jae has his spot reserved until he is ready to come back... Jae please know that we all support you... 2pm please perform well for Jae...

    please all Hottest support 2pm even now... they ALL need our support
    i really dont like this boycotting thing but we all want jae back but still lets support the rest of the members... they too are hurting...

  2. mihiro says:

    i love 2PM no matter how they are
    And I always love Junsu,
    Jaebeom always the best

  3. Anonymous says:

    no i want jay back 2pm isnt the same without any one of them missing

  4. Anonymous says:

    JYP pretty much said Jay won't be coming back until he wants to. Taking your anger out on JYP or the other 2pm members won't bring him back until Jay is good and ready.

    I have a feeling that eventually Jay will come back and I'm not too upset that they're going to promote as a 6 remember group because as much as i love Jay I need to see me some Khun lol - I'm going through withdrawal :D

    <3 Nichkhun

  5. Anonymous says:

    2pm is not 6 or 7 members.. its 1
    what jay did was bad but still everyone desevers a second chance
    also before he debuted he came from states
    we all know that states and korea is a huge difference.. he wansn't used
    to being in korea thats why he said 'korea is gay" and when he said that
    he meant "i dont really like korea" not "korea is homo" that doesn't even make sense lol
    2pm all da way ftw

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jay deserves to be forgiven and move on
    because he's not person he was before!
    jay come back! we love you and we miss
    you so much! 2pm will never be 2pm without
    you? How can it be? There is no leader and
    1 member is missing! come back jay!
    jyp is full of bull! irresponsible and
    ridiculous! bring Jay back!

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