[News] 2PM TaekYeon and WooYoung will continue with MC roles on Inkigayo without change

It has been said that 2PM members TaekYeon and WooYoung will continue their MC roles on SBS Inkigayo without change.

With the recent saga caused up with offending messages posted by 2PM leader JaeBum on his MySpace page, it seems that the other members are having a hard time coping with it.

But for TaekYeon and WooYoung, there will be no changes to their MC roles on the show. The production team to ‘Inkigayo’ said in a phone interview, “Even though it is a hard time for TaekYeon and Wooyoung, they will continue with their MC duties. With JaeBum leaving the group, the other members must be having a hard time dealing with it.”


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  1. guy from finland says:

    this suck ass....

  2. marthavaj says:

    That's sad. If i was one of the members i wouldn't continue to do things. Awe super sad. Still cant believe it. :\

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think they're doing the right thing. well, life must go on. and i'm sure jay would want his members to go on with life and not be sad all the time.

  4. you should understand them
    it is sad no doubt about it
    but life has to go on like anonymous said
    it is unfair for them to quit all the jobs for jay
    even though i know they want him back
    they have their lives
    if they are not going to live their life properly
    who will?

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