This interview was translated from Indonesian MY IDOL Magazine September-October 2009 edition.
They're interviewed after their national tour at Tokyo Dome.



My Idol (MI) : If you have children, how will you raise them?

XIAH JUNSU (JS) : When my children are three years old, I’ll lead them for focusing in something. We can know their talents and abilities starts since they’re young.

MI : Oh.. develop their talents, right?

JS : Yes, and firmly!

MI : Then, What kind of exercises that will be suitable for the children?

JS : I have learned soccer before, it will be more exciting if my children are male, they can become soccer players. But if they weren’t good enough in playing soccer, that’s an impossible thing to make them as soccer players, right?

MI : Hmm.. it would burden the kids.

JS : Yes. I don’t want forcing my children to do thing I want. I want to respect my kid’s thoughts. There’s time that will fit to one person, but won’t fit to others.

MI : So, You want to know your kids charms as earlier as you can. Xiah, it feels like you want to raise them independently, don’t you?

JS : Yes, I wan to be their friend, more than father-children’s relations.

MI : Which one do you prefer? Boy or girl as your child(ren)?

JS : I prefer two sons and a daughter. It would be nicer.

MI : Who will be born first?

JS : For me, the two boys will be born first then the last will be the girl. Actually I’ve thought about it since I was in high school.

MI : Since in high school?

JS : I like planning or thinking something about my future. But I have to be more mature and more than anything (laughing)


My Idol (MI) : What do you think about ideal type of family?

Micky Yoochun (YC) : I want a good wife and two daughters.

MI : Only daughters?

YC : Ah.. I also think about a son.

MI : So, it's two daughters and a son, right?

YC : No, I don't want to have three children.

MI : Why?

YC : I don’t want to have many children. Three are too much. If it’s possible, one is enough.

MI : Oh, really? Then, you can give your whole love just for a child, right?

YC : That’s one of the reasons. I also want to give attention more to my wife.

MI : Do you still want to be lovers with your wife, although you’ve married?

YC : Yes! It would be very nice if I can always be romantic and happy with my wife everyday.

MI : I’m sure your wife will be the happiest wife in the world. Just imagining, I can see the sweet moments that would happen.

YC: If there’re too many kids, my time for cuddling with my wife will be disturbed and decreased, right?

MI : Right.

YC : That’s why I don’t want to have many kids.

MI : Ok Yoochun, you seems that you’ll spoil your child so much, don’t you?

YC : Yes. There’s nothing wrong with that (laugh). But if my child did something bad, I’d be very angry.

MI : It would be scary if Yoochun that’s kind-hearted was angry.

YC : But, technically, I’ll give my child freedom. Whether it’d be music or sports, I want they do what they want to do


My Idol (MI) : What is U-Know’s ideal family structure?

U-KNOW YUNHO (YH) : I want a wife with two daughters and a son. It’ll seem nice.

MI : Furthermore, is there anything you want about your children?

YH : I want a son, a son again, and then a daughter. The age difference between the boys can be closed, but for the girl, her age difference with her brothers must be around 4-5 years. That’s my ideal type.

MI : Moreover, what kind of father will Yunho be? All this time you’ve taken care members, you absolutely will be a mature father. Especially to a daughter.

YH : To be a good father is the most important thing. I think I can do it (laugh).

MI : However, you don’t seem to be father who will spoil his child, right?

YH : Sometimes, I’ll spoil them. But for their attitude and etiquette, I’ll teach them strictly. I don’t want them make trouble with others.

MI : I’m sure your children will be alike with you, and mature. By the way, what do you want on your children?

YH : Oh, anything! I want them to be anything what they want to be.

MI : Will you respect their decision?

YH : Since I was young, I have been allowed to do what I want. So I respect and thankful to my parents for all of those things. That’s why I’ll support whatever my children do in the future. I can decide that all will work well from the back.

MI : You seems that you’ll be a good and caring father, don’t you?

YH : Now, I’m still a tough man, so it’s impossible to do that now.

MI : Really?

YH : I still need more experiences for building a happy family and becoming a great person in supporting my children. I have to try hard and learn much experiences.


My Idol (MI) : How many children do you want in the future?

MAX CHANGMIN (CM) : I want two sons.

MI : What about daughter?

CM : That’s not important.

MI : Why?

CM : Daughter will leave and marry, right? When it happens, I just can’t help with loneliness.

MI : So you have thought about this??!

CM : If I have bad experiences like that, it’d be better if I don’t have daughter.

MI : You seems you’ve been ready for releasing your daughter (laugh)..

CM : I’ve heard about that. I notice how father feels about his daughter. For me, it’s better if I treat my child’s wife as my daughter when he’s married someday.

MI : but, your son(s) will be married too, right?

CM : It doesn’t matter.

MI : Then how will you raise your child in the future?

CM : I want him to be same as me (laugh)

MI : as an artist too??

CM : I never make it special whether he’ll be an artist or not. If he wants it, then I’ll support him. It’s not a big problem.

MI : If the other members in TVXQ have same age children, and both of them are boy, is there any thought to make TVXQ junior?

CM : Never, because I’ll stop it. Imagining how Junsu’s son in future… who will have so much freedom.. my son will not able handle it. I’m definitely refuse it at first (laugh)..


My Idol (MI) : Jaejoong, how many kid do you want in the future?

Hero Jaejoong (JJ) : Hmm.. it depends on my wife’s healthy. But I want to have many kids.

MI : So, it’s like your own family. Is it exciting having many people I a family?

JJ : really exciting and makes me happy, fighting will works very well. And since there are many members in my family, we feel we’re really connected each other when we have something happening. It’s very amazing and wonderful if a family can be a really cohesive family.

MI : Of course everyone expect that.

JJ : Giving attention to many people needs hard trying. I don’t want my wife being tortured. If her condition is not good, three children make me happy.

MI : do all the children have same gender?

JJ : two daughters as elder sisters and a son as the youngest.

MI : Why?

JJ : Someone said if the youngest child was boy, he’d be very handsome.

MI : Yes, and it’s you!

JJ : No, it isn’t (laugh)

MI : How if your son is alike with you? It’d be very handsome!

JJ : No, it’s okay if he isn’t alike with me. But if he’s alike my wife, it’d be better.

MI : So, your wife must be more beautiful, right?

JJ : The important thing is not from her appearance, but from her inner beauty.

MI : What will you say if your child(ren) want to become like their father?

JJ : If my children are singing seriously, I don’t mind. But I don’t want to force them. Thing I want to do is giving support to them more than everyone else’s.

Source article : Indonesian My Idol Magazine Ed. 76
Translated by : snowwhite99@Daily Kpop News

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I cant imagine tvxq juniors! Dam exciting! Cant wait tvxq to get married. XD

  2. Minako says:

    LOL @ Changmin's "Imagining how Junsu's son in future..."
    Can't believe they already planned it x.x
    Junsu even planned since High School!

  3. Anonymous says:

    they will be great fathers and Micky is so sweet, he loves his wife so much

  4. Meru says:

    Junsu and football.. it is dependence..
    oh~, Yoochun, he is so nice person, I want to be his wife~
    Changmin won´t girl? o_O
    I always wanted 2 daughters and 1 son, but I want oldest son than daughters..
    Very nice, they are so nice people, I totally in love with them, they are perfect!
    DBSK fighting, always keep the faith

  5. d'petals says:

    i want 2sons n a daughter...just like yunho oppa..2sons with close age diff n a daughter 4/5 years later...her oppa'll protect her...
    n i want my daughter 2 get married 2 changmin's son..
    she'll b a lucky daughter in law...changmin will treat her as his own daughter...n changmin'll b a funny father in law..
    "Imagining how Junsu's son in future..." this is funny...
    i'm reading this post with a broad smile on my face...n wondering whts my future will looks like...(^_^)lalala~

  6. EUNChan says:

    haha. i wan to be their wive! NO! changmin's to be exact. it's okay right? :DD

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