[news] Bada, making a splash showing off her speaking skills!... Taecyeon explodes with a performance of his teeth

[Arts News= Reporter Ahn Hyo Gook] Bada, who is in the middle of energetic promotion actitivies for her 4th official album MAD, participated in the broadcast KBS entertainment program ‘Shin Dong Yup, Shin Bong Sun’s Champagne- Old/New Generation Idol Group Special’ and captured the attention of viewers with her popping stories.'

Bada mentioned, during the period of recording her 4th official album when an article about 2PM’s Taecyeon’s participation as a featured artist in the song ‘Yes I’m in Love’ came out she thought there would be comments of terrorism so she clicked on it cautiously. However unexpectedly there were none at all! causing laughter to explode.

Following Bada said, “When ‘Taecyeon’ came to the recording studio for the first time it seemed like he was uncomfortable because he viewed me as his senior singer who has been around since the SES days. So in order to make him the most comfortable I cracked jokes with him, prepared a star shaped bread and gave it to him but when he actually got into the recording studio he started rapping like a beast, and seeing this I was really surprised” and complimented him.

Additionally when Shin Dong Yup asked ‘Hwayobi’ how she got to officially date ‘Sleepy’ [Untouchable] and she replied at a club then Bada said at the MV filming of MAD there was a part to direct freestyle natural ‘skin ship’ and [since it’s for work, and with a professional work ethic] she was going to do excessive ‘skin ship’ but ‘Untouchable’ member ‘Sleepy’ whispered to her, "Sunbae (senior), I’m a body with an owner so please be gentle!" thus showcasing her ability to make witty comments.

On the other hand at the time of the recording Bada spoke about ‘MC Mong’ and ‘Hwayobi,’ taking the floor with a bombshell. At this MC Mong proclaimed Bada is the female ‘Kim Goo Ra’ expressing in a fun way but during the process of editing it seems like it was regretfully edited out.

The viewers who watched this days recording said Bada’s sense for entertainment is fresh and fun. Especially when she jumped into MC Mong, Kim Tae Woo, Gil, and Hwayobi’s conversations with explosive stories, receiving the review that she superbly carried on the pulse of the conversation.

The guests for that day included Kim Tae Woo, Mc Mong, Bada, 2PM members Nickhun and Taecyeon. Especially Taecyeon’s ‘School Bell- Teeth performance’ like his beastly idol character surprised those there.

Bada’s participation in entertainment program, showing her speaking skill that was unexpected, the viewers showed their reaction, “Bada is not only in the singing world but is it possible she can revive as a new Entertainment Queen” and is anticipating her actitivities.

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