[news] 2PM: Time to Stop

Wooyoung has written something on his minihompy at Cyworld today:

It's so frustrating
Why do fans not understand our mind?
Jaebeom's mind
JYP's mind
and our mind
I'm frustrated to death

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey.. tis indicates something..!!!

    any idea?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think it's because the fans return their albums and they don't understand what Jaebom and JYp is thinking..maybe Jay really need some time to relax

  3. Anonymous says:

    the circumstances getting stress now.
    i think we should stop forcing jay to come back
    let's give him some space

  4. ZIYI =) says:

    hmm, i hope he's not referring to most of the fans, cause they did a flash mob like recently. or maybe there are clues inside his message. anyone can decode??

  5. Anonymous says:

    i only jay really qiut 2pm..then y is his picture still with 2pm??hes out already isnt it??

  6. Anonymous says:

    i tink he dun wan us to force jay back already...
    i dunno...

  7. =_= im sorry if i used this picture..... since .... i believe 2pm with jaebeom ... but .... i dont know.... just ... leave the picture alone =_=

  8. Anonymous says:

    Now, I guess people should realize something now....

    GIVE THEM A BREAK ! If it's hard on us don't you think it is harder for them??? Don't over react now.. and grow up !

  9. Anonymous says:

    i dont know what jyp,jay,n woo young want??

  10. Anonymous says:

    go to 2oneday forum and you will see the other side to this story , do you really beleive that this is the wooyoung we fans have known?
    if you think rationally, which idol in the first place would say that the fans DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEM, i mean come on, idols know much themselves that their fans are their everyhting in this carreer, why would they say such hurting stuff? are'nt u guys even suspicious?
    first the fake"jay" and now wooyoung, what is jyp really treating the fans like? fools?

  11. Anonymous says:

    but what if he was the one who wrote this and nobody forced him..
    what if this is really what he feels...
    but we are the one who kept saying that all these are not true...
    we kept thinking that they re forced..
    we never know wen dey are telling the truth...
    wat if dey really cannot stand us anymore...
    i dun wan to infer anymore..
    its juz disappointing..
    im disappointed...
    we are fighting for them to be together...
    in the end..
    they say we are the one who dun understand them..
    i really dunno what to say anymore..
    im tired..

  12. Anonymous says:

    sigh. ppl, i think you should just continue support the other 6. even if that's not wooyoung who posted it, i think they're already fighting very hard to continue with their courier. if you continue boycotting and doing all those rubbish stuff, you'll end up destroying their couriers too. think of them. there's always a second chance and i'm sure jay will get that second chance. but let him rest let him think let him reflect. stop forcing. what you're doing is making things worst. the best is still to continue supporting 2pm and jay will be proud of us. STOP BOYCOTTING THEM PLEASE

  13. Anonymous says:

    ...fans are reading too much into these things. Fans should just relax and wait for things to play out. If you haven't learned already it was because thing were blown out of proportion that caused Jay to leave in the first place. How do you expect him to come back when people to this day are still talking about what he said?

  14. Anonymous says:

    my BIG question is why is it from the very start wooyong gives the most of the messages and reactions and frequently involve in the news about anything on this matter? (well... there are some with teacyeon, chansung and nichkhun) but never heard of JUNSU and JUNHO individually..are these two "playing safe" or "they don't really care after all they are not the direct target of the controversy" or "are they satisfied and happy that jay left" or simply because their opinions doesn't mean anything at all since they are not famous member of the group anyway...? what do you think? which one of these reasons?

  15. Anonymous says:

    if 2pm becomes 6 forever then it means JYP WINS against the HOTTESTS who LOST the battle to bring jay back....tsk ! tsk ! tsk !...every hottest support, love, struggle, hardwork, desperation will be put to waste...sigh^^ :-(

  16. Anonymous says:

    from the very start i doubt if hottests demands will be materialized...this time things are getting clearer...seems that hottests loss over jay's return is near...one more step and JYP wins....after all JYP's a businessman he knows exactly how to survive in the industry more than the hottests... :-(

  17. Anonymous says:

    I also cannot understand what's behind this message -.-''
    instead of making a press conference they just leave the fans with knowing nothing about the circumstances. I really dunno how to react. It's confusing. They treat us like fools. It's ridiculous. Above all who can prove us that those messages and announcements are true. They should give a clear press conference to end this mess.
    All in all I'll support 2pm and especially Jay...yeeeaaahhh...FIGHTING guys!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    how can they bring jay back while they can't even give a press conference to clear the minds of everyone.... fans/hottest were totally ignored... they deserve the boycott...

  19. Anonymous says:

    If you guys have been following along with this whole issue the fans are not forcing Jay to return

  20. Anonymous says:

    damn they just playing around. It becomes boring. The whole thing is strange. U see there were just written announcements and messages. How can we believe in written things? Jay just left without saying anything. Just a typed apology. I just can laugh about that. Where's the transparency? I don't live in Korea. I dunno what's goin on and it sucks. U know it's totally gay XD
    I'm not begging JYP or Jay or the company itself for anything. I just want them to clear things up with a full statement, neither typed nor written and then posted on the homepage (nowadays even lil kids can do that).
    But I don't think they gonna do that cuz what they're doin now is kind of getting attention.
    Nah...I still believe that Jay will come back. sooner or later...whatever
    <3 2pm

  21. Anonymous says:

    on the homepage of JYPE there's still the picture with 7 members. Really confusing (u.u)

  22. Anonymous says:

    whoa...is dis really wooyoung that wrote this?? it's so unlike him.that's really scary..being frustrated at the fans.

    even if it WAS him, i wished he could be more specific about this. it's making everyone jumping to conclusion and making unnecessary assumption.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hmmm..mayb he wants the fans to know that JYP is not to blame for all this.. *shrugs*

    this whole situation is making me more confused than ever. i just hope that whatever happens, it would be the best for everybody. mayb fans shud back down a little. a few words of encouragement to jaebeom and the other members would be more worthwhile than boycotting??

  24. Anonymous says:

    there are some people here, who behave just like clever shit...

  25. Anonymous says:

    wtf? you sound like stupid shit.

    support 2pm and jay!
    bring jay back!

  26. Anonymous says:

    jay be strong. we love you and we miss you so much!
    most importantly, we support you 100%
    jay should be forgiven for what he did and able
    to move on! he's not the same person he was before!
    everyone makes mistakes! nonetheless, jay came out to
    the public and apologized. jay don't let something
    like this hinder you from your dreams and goals.
    we believe in you. and we believe that you will
    come back to where you belong. 2pm is nothing without you!
    bring jay back!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    omg. dude. the fans are really too much here. the thing is, they think they know everything about the idol n such....2pm-fans-who-is-forcing-jay-back, don't u realize, whut u r doing will just make him feel pressured? it is sad, he went out of korea due to force in fans, and when he is NOT READY to come back, u guys want to FORCE him back in? if i were him, i would be more depressed. even if u know every small facts about ur idol, u can never understand them except when you've live or communicated with 'em. Wooyoung n JYP understood jaebum's condition, and so they except his decision. who are the fans, to control another's decision? even if it's their idol, and no matter how they say 'the idol is my life', to them, this is entertainment.. but to the artists, this their lives!! Don't force people to do something just so you could be entertained. jaebum is a human, let him make his own decision..
    2pm is a 7 members group, but if u don't support them at all, there will be no group.

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