[news] 2PM’s Activities Canceled!!!

There is a petition going around Korean websites to stop all 2PM activities due to leader Jaebeom's Myspace controversy. As of the 7th, those in favor of the petition are a little over 5100 netizens. Although the number does not seem that big, for a group who is currently active, it is a number that can greatly harm their future.

For those of you who are not already aware of Jaebeom's Myspace controversy, here's a little bit of background information: Myspace comments that Jaebeom had left for his friend a couple years back, have recently surfaced and have caused much dilemma for 2PM. The comments read towards his dislike of Korea during his trainee years. Being the prideful Korea, many were offended by the comments and quickly took action to bring 2PM's leader down.

2PM was supposed to return with a new album in October, but because of this controversy, they may have to lay low for awhile.

Regarding 2PM activities, JYP (Park Jin Young) stated:
"For now, 2PM will not have any broadcasting schedules and all of their music performances have been canceled. They will only be recording and practicing dance moves for their new album."

JYP in regards to removing Jaebeom from the group:
"Although, we feel very guilty and sorry for all the people who have been disappointed by Park Jaebeom's past mistakes, I will not be taking him out of the group. Many people have been suggesting ideas of banning Park Jaebeom out of 2PM, but that will never happen. We believe that he has done something wrong, but as a whole, we do not think it is enough to be taking his dreams and goals away from him. This was not a decision made by only the JYPE staff, but it was something all of the fellow 2PM members have agreed to."

Source: Lee Eunji reporter @ free@tvdaily.co.kr & Cyworld.co.kr + allkpop

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  1. Anonymous says:

    seriously WTH?!
    5100 netizens favor 2PM's activities all cancelled?!
    fcuk them people. seriously its stupid that this is happening
    over something this small. gaah , i hate this . >.<

  2. Anonymous says:

    i totally agree with you. haiz~~~~

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous
    Jaebeom already apologised to them
    what else they want?
    argh T^T

  4. Anonymous says:

    what's with the big commotion. he already apologised and im sure he wont do anything like that now. relax people

  5. Anonymous says:

    For heaven's sake; this was in 2005! And he went through so much stress and a completely new culture; why can't they bloody understand? == Seriously ... sometimes they can be really selfish...

  6. Anonymous says:

    yaa the netizens sure SO CRAZY !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    poor jaebeom! we will supoort you!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    it's stupid just to ban jay from 2pm as it's already the past and he had already apologised right? just so stupid people wanting jay to be out, those netizens cant be counted as 2pm's / jay's fan!!!!!! idiots!

  9. Anonymous says:

    1. you guys ARE the netizens so stop blaming netizens...just some are crazy.
    2. JYP is the fking smartest man ever...this is like a chess game...his move was done so well...lie low and practise like no other and since kpop scandals keep appearing...jay's thing will be forgotten when their sick new songs which they practised for months come out.
    3. Jay's kinda RETARDED for myspacing his comments....your in korea to get FAMOUS...so....ya....they were bound to come up....lol...then he deserves to have it happen
    If I were him, I would just call up the ppl and diss koreans on the phone where u cant really keep track of sht being said....retard -,-

  10. Anonymous says:

    JAY~~~!! T____T
    n my wild bunnies~~

  11. Anonymous says:

    comeon...he's human too
    and humans DO make mistakes....
    the netizens really have to cool it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    NO JAY, NO 2PM!!
    those netizen are insane~~ LOL.
    he deserves second chance.. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    That really fucking suck, for all their activity cancell, damn those netizens, Jay have to keep figthing. There still millions all over the world that will always love and surppot Jay, Love/Surppot 2PM....

  14. Anonymous says:

    WE WILL WAIT FOR 2PM. I wanna slap those netizens bad though. :/

  15. izahzah says:

    =(( please let all this shit be over.... i want 2pm....

  16. Anonymous says:

    omg ! what th hell is wrong with them ?! must they make th situation like this even after jay apologised ? but , i will wait for them ! 2pm hwaiting ~

  17. Anonymous says:

    wow gt ntg 2 say coz it's like how many years ago and wad the fked up hell is tis LOL i just reli feel like laughin! tis is so crazy to the extent that if they continue their activities will it even fkin harm em? idk bout u guys but tis is like a hilarious comedy happenin in real life! poor jaebum stuck wif the victim role.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hope this matter will over real soon and 2PM will be back again...
    wait for their new album now... Jaebeom fighting!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    because of them.. my wild bunny show is shorten to 8 ep.
    WTH!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH those netizens.!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    OMFG damn the netizens. Give him a break. sheez...and who the helll will look at a 2005 myspace comments..may i say that netizen/netizens need a life? or may i say stalkish...gosh damn them..overreacting on something taht pop up from the past and try to ruin them. The netizens need to understand this issue...i will feel the same way if i put in a different country and alone..i b like i want to go home too..gosh i hate the netizens now and need to stop being self fish on this matter. Forgive him and move on..don't keep grudges. Korea netizens are being really low...can they get anymore low? man hope someone will tell those netizens right in the face and fried them with their words.

  21. ice says:

    I'm not a fan of 2PM, but this is too much. People need to be more open minded. And hell it was four years ago. He was in a great culture shock. Where he came from is very different from Korea. This netizens should put themselves on Jaebum's shoes. God. This is such a small issue, compared to other issues we realy need to face. Just bring 2PM back. And get over this.

  22. Anonymous says:

    know what, i think this is just conspiracy by those fans of other celebs(esp idol groups)becuz 2009 show the rise of our 2PM and that they are jealous.. seriously this is not that serious compared to what i heard suju's lee teuk has done to kim hyuna..it was 4 years ago and its supposed to be private.. those who did this need to be jailed, serously..arghhh

  23. Anonymous says:

    its been days already but this issue still not cool down..why??? netizen just forget about SNSD plagiarism issue just like that..if you are that sensitive about you country then is it okay to plagiarized others song esp from other country..where is your pride???

  24. Anonymous says:

    its weird how netizens are so proud of their country but just forgive and forget the snsd plagiarism issue so fast (where is your pride huh?)..seriously it has been days since jay's issue was published but netizens still going crazy about it..why??

  25. Anonymous says:

    those netizen too crazy for wake up.
    they will never wake up till they satisfied.
    those netizens are idiots. aish

  26. Anonymous says:

    I cried when i read the petition to tell jae to go kill himsself cause thats just stupid they really have gone to far they seriously didnt even get on tiffinay this hard they never made all these petitions on her and at least jay did apologize but tiffinay didnt its like they need to stop its pointless it happend (5 YEARS AGOO!!!!) he was a traniee that just came from america of course he'd say something like that it was diffrent from is usual enviorment. and it was on myspace... -.- really myspace.. its stupid.

  27. Anonymous says:

    does that mean 2pms wild bunny isnt going to air anymore:(
    jae dont give up hope
    the netizens are effing crazy lowlife ppl.

  28. Anonymous says:

    sigh. i'm going to miss them very much ):

  29. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck?
    gahhhhh poor jaebum and 2pm :( T_T
    i'm going to cry

  30. Anonymous says:

    YA LOR. SO IRRITATING. HE SHOULD NOT BE BANNED AT ALL!!!! THEY ARE DAMN LAME LAAA. Stupid idiots. It's the past mannnnnn-.-

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is just too disturbing and appalling. There is strictly no reason why Jae-Beom should at any point be banned from the group. He does not deserve it. This is utter rubbish. Terribly ridiculous. I hope that something will be done regarding this issue as soon as possible!!!

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