[News] Allkpop.com info about Jaebum was incorrect

t has become aware that JYP’s stance on the Jae Bum situation that was announced through ALLKPOP.com was incorrect.

Newsen reported that on September 7th ALLKPOP.com cited JYP as disclosing that 2PM would be stopping all television and musical promotions and be putting in all their effort into recording and practicing the dances for their new album.

But after confirming with JYP, it has been discovered that none of this was true.

Jung Wook, a spokesperson for JYP stated, "Allkpop’s article was based on Jae Bum’s apology letter and JYP’s twitter. We are going to ask that they retract their statements. We have not made any decisions on the course of action that will be taken for Jae Bum."

To clarify, this is NOT about Jay leaving the group. Dude's gone. He may or may not be returning (someday). Nobody's made any decisions about that yet.

This story is in regard to this article written by Allkpop on the 7th which reported incorrect info on 2PM's future activities after Jay's scandal ensued.

In short, no one is quite sure what's in store for 2PM or Jay, so it's best to rely on official statements made by JYP Entertainment rather than any secondary sources.

source: daum
Translations: ookeullae @ Wordpress

This is taken from elsewhere and not an original article of DKP

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  1. Minako says:

    So there's still hope ^^

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    allkpop corrected it
    i'd wait 4 jay

  4. tas says:

    there's still HOPE!!!
    OMG..i'll be waiting...^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    jay better come back. man, he's like the star of 2pm!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    LMAO...allkpop is a little blog started by geek asian girls that translates naver.com and daum.net headline stories with Google images.

    allkpop has not been profitable since its inception and has a staff of one who has multiple identities on the web.

    Atleast Perez Hilton does his own reporting.

    I hear rumors about a new big kpop news site coming up by some big shots. I'll let you know.

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