[News] SS501 80% of Taiwan concert tickets SOLD, just after 3 days of sale

Credits: Yahoo Taiwan + (English translation) Feissy@Quainte501

SS501 practices Mandarin song diligently for Taiwan concert, have outstanding performance in ticket sales with 80% of tickets sold within first 3 days.

As SS501 is scheduled to hold a concert in Taipei Arena on the 17 of next month, fans who want to see their idols up close, have queued overnight without complain and have willingly spent money on the tickets. Since the opening of ticket sales on 5 September (Saturday), in less than 3 days, 80% of the tickets have been sold.

The tickets ranging from 3200 TWD to 4500 TWD (100 USD - 137 USD) are completely sold out and there are limited 800 TWD tickets left. Besides Taiwanese fans, fans from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other Asian countries have also rushed to snap up the tickets. An estimate of 400 overseas fans will attend the concert in Taiwan. Online sale of the tickets will start on 16 September.

SS501 hopes to sing a Chinese Mandarin song for the fans in Taiwan during the concert and are currently practicing diligently for it. As to which song they will be singing, SS501 said they are now working hard on memorizing the song and will only reveal it on the day of the concert; they want to give a big surprise to all their fans.

A limited edition of SS501 Greatest Hit Collection album will hit the stores on 22 September.

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  1. koolau says:

    Is that a good ticket selling rate?

    What would DBSK sell in three days? Probably sold out in the first 8 hours?

  2. Anonymous says:

    dbsk is about to be disbanded. there's no use of bragging abt em here. plus, they're more senior than double S.

  3. Anonymous says:

    SS501 and DBSK are indeed rivals but don't brag DBSK now because you know the situation they are in...at least SS501 is as strong and compact as ever...and yes, DBSK is the senior...comparing them to SS501 will not matter...plus, SS501 has their fair share of fans...at least they're not under slave contracts unlike SM artists.

  4. what reaction is that?!? ss501 cant even be compared to dbsk, ojay...ss501 even lags way behind super junior and big bang... woot!!!

    well, also suju concert, same with big bang and dbsk can sell out tickets in just minutes... and even before selloing it... crashing the server...

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I think SM's Marketing is better than DSP's Marketing... that's why... however, I feel that korean music business is very tough to their idol... as you see... law suit from 3 member of dbsk... and health's problem of kim hyun joong...

  6. Minako says:

    Why pull DBSK into this?
    Don't compare ok?
    Both groups are awesome.

  7. Jaz says:

    PLEASE do not compare DBSK and SS501. Both DBSK and SS501 are in a good relationship..They are very good friends between the members.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i agree with goongwarrior

  9. Anonymous says:

    Are you guys crazy? SS501 is the next fandom in KOREA duh! They can be compared to Suju and DBSK! They've always been! Yes, DBSK is on top but people should not count SS501 out.

    Sorry but SS501 is bigger than Big Bang as of now. And they target a different audience since BB is not really a "flower" group. The biggest fanbases is Cassiopeia (DBSK), ELF (Suju) and Triple S (SS501)...you don't know that? It's always been red, blue and green balloons in dream concerts!

    And besides, this is SS501's first move in Taipei.

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