[News]SHINee will visit Taiwan once more on the 19th

SHINee will visit Taiwan once more on the 19th
Source: Yahoo! TW
Translated by: hazel @ http://asianfanatics.net

After doing well in Taiwan with their repackaged album , Korean boyband SHINee has hit the jackpot once again with their newest mini-album, . In order to thank their fans for their immense support, SHINee will visit Taiwan once again for a meet-and-greet session on the 19th of this month (next Saturday). The event will be held at Breeze Centre, and fans can look forward to being in close contact with their idols.

When SHINee visited the country last year during the Christmas period, they were followed everywhere by legions of fans, and during the only handshake event, 200 fans were left in tears because they could not get in, due to the location’s size constraints. This fully showed how much passion the Taiwanese fans had for SHINee.

SHINee is also unable to forget the taste of Taiwanese cuisine, such as xiaolongbao and street snacks like pearl milk tea and redbean pancakes, and they hope to try them out once more on this trip.

Even though they’ve debuted for just a year, SHINee’s popularity is evident in most of Asia, in countries such as Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. They have also taken on MC-ing on MBC’s in a bid to mature into all-rounded artistes.

SHINee’s new single, is included in <09 SUMMER SMTOWN>, which will be launched and sold in Taiwan on the 18th, a day before their arrival and next Friday.

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  1. wooooohhh.!! go go SHINee FiGHTiNG.!!! hope u will come to philippines soon.!! :P saranghae SHINee yongwonhi.!!!!

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    saranghae SHINee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    SHINee FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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    hey.. not only in japan but their also popular here in the phil.!!
    .taemin!!! so cute!!! hope to see yah..

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    SHINee is the best! :]

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