[news] B2ST, Secret: Idol groups set to debut in October

Last month on the 23rd, it was revealed through MTV's "MTV B2ST" that six-member boyband will be debuting this October. They may be a new rookie group, but they don't seem like rookies.

B2ST includes AJ who debuted as a solo singer earlier this year, Yoon Doo Joon who was in Mnet's "Hot Blood", Jang Hyun Seung who was in MTV's Big Bang documentary, Yong Joon Hyung (originally in group XING), Yang YoSup, and Son Dong Woon who together will make this six-member boyband. Even though Yang YoSup and Son Dong Woon do not have prior broadcast debuts, they are rookies who have trained a long time in preparation.

B2ST's management company, Cube Entertainment, have said, "When you see all of them train together, there's this sort of harmony between them. From their past failures and hard times, their effort to succeed again is amazing."

If there's a new boyband of B2ST, then there is new girl group Secret in preparation.

Secret consists of Jun Hyosung who in the past was supposed to be in a five member girl group with Wonder Girl's Yoobin and After School's Uee, Song JiEun who had prepared to be in JYP's version of group Big Mama, 2006 Superstar Survival participant Han Sunhwa, and a rapper who will make up this 4-member girl group.

Secret's management company, TS Entertainment has said, "With members who have had long training periods and past broadcast experience, they all consider this a last chance to debut and are preparing hard for their debut."

They will take off their veil and reveal themselves in Mnet's "Secret STORY".

With both groups that include members with long training periods and past broadcast experience it shows that they are revealing their faces first before their album.

Both groups are set to debut in October and will show themselves to the public through their star documentaries. Past idol groups who have shown themselves on documentaries like Girl's Generation, Wonder Girls, Big Bang have grown since then - like them, both groups wish to do the same.

cr: star.mt.co.kr
translations by: mihyun294 @ omona_prection

Also, I've read here that B2ST will be debuting on the 6th of October, and do you guys remember the whole AJ must change his name because AJ of Paran had it first, well yeah, he'll be using his real name, Lee Ki Kwang instead of AJ starting then.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    is that guy on the lower right corner a "former" member of Big Bang? Not a member, but was drop from them?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah he is...wish his band luck, I was sad when he was dropped, hope he and the other ex-entertainer will do well this time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    god i've waited so long for this T_T

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