[news] Lee Seung Gi to be a MC on "Kang Shim Jang"

Singer Lee Seung Gi will be an MC on SBS's new entertainment program Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart).

Lee Seung Gi, who was a regular on KBS 2 TV's "One Night, Two Days", will solidify his presence in the entertainment world by being a MC on "Kang Shim Jang". Popular as "Easily confused Seung Gi" on "One Night, Two Days", expectations are high as to what he will contribute to "Kang Shim Jang."

Lee Seung Gi will be the main MC along with Kang Ho Dong. This is his first MC debut, and Lee Seung Gi will bring even more anticipation for "Kang Shim Jang" and show new talent.

Lee Seung Gi is preparing for his debut as a MC. His synergy with Kang Ho Dong, who also was a regular on "One Night, Two Days", will be a huge source of anticipation.

SBS's "Kang Shim Jang" will have 25 people representing Korea or Korean celebrities. They will share revealing stories and the one who lasts until the end will be the ultimate "Strong Heart."

Big Bang's G-Dragon and Seungri, Epik High, Jang Yoon Jung, MC Mong, Yoo Sae Youn and more will all be guests on the first episode.

source: newsen
translations: filmsession @ omona_prection

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "was"? Have Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong left 1 Night and 2 Days????

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOow! Its so so so nice to have seunggi n kang ho dong together doing mc for a show! Expectation sure is high.Cant wait for it.

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