[news] B2Y Ji Woong – a math genius and more

Newbie group B2Y’s Ji Woong is touted as the new generation of 엄칭아.

For those who are not familiar with the term, 엄칭아 is the short form of (엄마 친구의 아이) which means ‘mother’s friend’s son’. It is a colloquial phrase that refers to exceptionally talented, all rounder kids that your mum loves to compare you with ^^

Old generation 엄칭아 includes Kim Joong Hoon, Lee Seung Gi, Lee So Eun etc. Now, a new generation of 엄칭아 and 엄칭딸 (female version) is set to replace the group. Some of the new names include

2NE1’s CL
T-max’s Kim Joon
Super Junior’s Choi Si Won
2PM’s Taek Yeon
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Ji Woong is now majoring in Architecture at Yonsei University (Ranked among top 3 in S.Korea) and is nicknamed Yonsei’s Uljjang. Ji Woong is born in Japan and hence fluent in Japanese. Last year, he gave up his Japan citizenship in order to pursue studies and do military service in Korea – and that attracted the media’s attention for a while.

Due to his outstanding results, he is the recipient of a full scholarship in Yonsei U and he is to have natural talent in Mathematics too. Ji Woong plans to complete his degree and become a certified architect too. 0.o (omg how cool is that!)

When he was just six years old, Ji Woong started to model for kids apparel and was already an Uljjang by then.

Don’t think he’s just looks and academics. Ji Woong excels in a wide variety of sports, including wakeboarding, snowboarding and water skiing.

Did I mention that he is musically talented too? Ji Woong plays both the guitar and piano. Recently, he has started to dabble in composition and lyrics writing.

In response to the praises, Ji Woong replied modestly that ‘As I start on my career in the entertainment circle, I work harder in order to receive permission from my parents… They think too highly of me’

wow. Ji Woong sure lives up to the name of new generation 엄칭아!


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    cool! man i dun wan him to by my mom's frens son...it'll be torturing being to compare to THAT!

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