[news] TaecYeon, CL, JinWoong, Park Bom chosen as the new ‘UmChinAh’ and ‘UmChinDdal’

New idol group members have caused a topic for being chosen as ‘um-chin-ah’ and ‘um-chin-ddal’.

‘Um-chin-ah’ is short for ‘Mother’s friend’s son’ and ‘Um-chin-ddal’ is short for ‘Mother’s friend’s daughter’ – they are individuals whom mothers will mention in front of their own children to compare with them (in terms of studies etc).

And idol groups members like 2PM TaecYeon, B2y JinWoong, and 2NE1 CL and Park Bom has raised interests for being labelled as ‘um-chin-ah’ and ‘um-chin-ddal’.

For TaecYeon of 2PM, photos of his school days were recently revealed on Mnet Wild Bunny – showing him in thick glasses, and as someone who only studies. It was also mentioned that he also received scholarship during his schooling days.

With that, many netizens uploaded more photos of his schooling days online on various forums and it was said that he was not only good in studies he also took part in various school club activities – being hailed as a ‘um-chin-ah’.

And member JinWoong of new group B2Y has been labelled the ‘genuine um-chin-ah’ by netizens online. JinWoong is currently taking the architect course in YonSei University, and is a representative to his mother’s F&B enterprise, he is also helping at his uncle’s large-scale enterprise.

Netizens are also shocked to know that he is currently under a special scholarship which will cover him for 4 years for someone who is very good at Mathematics. He is also proficient in Japanese – having him hailed as the genuine ‘um-chin-ah’. JinWoong said, “To get my parents’ permission to promote as a singer, I have to work harder in studies to prove to them.”

Also 2NE1 CL and Park Bom has also been hailed as ‘um-chin-dda’.

Park Bom, who has received acknowledgement for her unique vocals, is currently schooling in a music school in Berkeley in the States.

And 2NE1 leader CL is also known to be proficient in Japanese and French, following her father. The 2 have been hailed as ‘um-chin-ddal’.

Some of the netizens’ responses:

* “YonSei University in architecture course under special scholarship? I would have given up”
* “If so, Jessica’s ‘Queen’s daughter’”
* “No MinJi but CL? Her father should be the um-chin-ah”
* “How about Ye Eun???”
* “I like TaekYeon”

Other entertainers who have been hailed as ‘um-chin-ah’: Lee SeungGi, Kim JeongHoon, Kang DongWon, Tablo etc


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    lol taec was such a nerd bak then. LOVE him <3 ^^

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