[NEWS] Bada Was Arrested During Her S.E.S Days!

The singer Bada, who recently released a new single, was featured on on today's broadcast of "MBC's World-Changing Quiz" and admitted that she had been arrested during her S.E.S days!

The previous S.E.S leader revealed, "While I was practicing singing in my dorm during my S.E.S days, my neighbors called the police on me and I was taken to the police station." She also said, "I sang so loudly that the other members of S.E.S couldn't even sleep." and also admitted that she had been reported and taken to the police office many times because she "disturbed the peace". So she was a "Mad" girl back then too, huh?

Seems like all those arrests were worth it though, with the explosive amount of success that S.E.S enjoyed back in the day.

Credits: allkpop

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