[News] BoA, DBSK/THSK/TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee - Yet To Be Announced Japanese Music Delivery Service [Asia♪mu-mo]

BoA, TVXQ and Super Junior are artists that are popular not only in Korea, but throughout the countries in Asia as well. Among the works that they have released in their home countries, there are still many which have not been distributed in Japan. However, the fans will want to get their hands on such rare music. So, in order to meet the needs of such fans, the service [Asia♪mu-mo] will be started, and fans of these artists are already talking about this.

[Asia♪mu-mo] has been called the "Dream site that provides Asian Entertainment". It has exclusive distribution rights to full K-POP/C-POP songs, and it also has older music, artists' photos can be viewed through Flash, videos and original contents will also be delivered.

For the line up to get it started, for K-POP artists it includes: BoA who is not only expanding in Japan but America as well, Tohoshinki who are currently at the height of their popularity in Japan, Super Junior who has had their first successful Live in Japan, as well as SHINee who quickly became a hot topic amongst Hallyu fans in Japan.

[T/N: Part on C-POP not translated.]

The [Grand Opening Campaign] will start from 11th September, where people who like them can choose their souvenirs and get it delivered to them, and see how these artists are like from their goods in their home country.

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