[news] CL and Ga-ho supports GD in Inkigayo

A picture of GD "crying" on CL's shoulders... hahaha XD he's not really crying .. he is just nervous for his live comeback performance on SBS inkigayo. Who wouldnt? but GD has nothing to worry about for his performance was hot hot HOT!

"The photo was from September 5th, behind the scenes of SBS Inkigayo, before G-Dragon's performance of 'Heartbreaker' and 'Breathe'."

Even Ga-ho was there to support his loving owner in his performance :D and mind you... those apples look like tomatoes to me (on gd's pants).

Isnt it just cute to see them? especially ga-ho... i could stop looking at that chinese shar pei! and GD's closeup and his smile... *melts* :)

this is certified eyecandy and it sure makes my day!

cr: quoted part and pictures credits to allkpop

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