[news] T-ara and Supernova to form project group releasing ‘TTL’

Groups T-ara and Supernova will come together to form a project group, taking on a 180 degrees transformation to showcase their powerful dance and rap.
The 2 groups will come together to release the single ‘TTL’(Time To Love) and promote the song together.

For this project, group T-ara members SoYeon, EunJung, HyoMin and JiYeon will come together with Supernova member JiHyeok, KwangSoo and GeonIl for the single ‘TTL’(Time To Love).

T-ara is a 6-membe girlgroup which had raised topic when they debuted this year with the song ‘Lies’. And their song is currently doing strong up on various online music charts.

And Supernova, belonging to the same company as T-ara, debuted in 2007 with the song ‘Super Star’ and is also a 6-member group. Member GeonIl was also previously casted as the main character Jeon ShiWoo in the horror drama ‘Soul’.

‘TTL’(Time To Love) is a hiphop song with electronic sounds. And it is composed by Kim DoHoon one of Korea’s best composers. With this song, Supernova will make a comeback on music stages after 2 years with T-ara.

T-ara will also take on a 180 degrees transformation from their teenage girl image for powerful dance and rap image through this project group.
Meanwhile, ‘TTL’(Time To Love) will be revealed on 15th October.


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