epop (to Heechul) : Among all the members from SJ, they say you are closest to Hangeng. Please elaborate?

Heechul: Although Hangeng’s korean pronounciation is not as accurate, but when we go on variety shows, he knows where the joke is, he reacts fast too, so the show hosts like him alot! If we talk bad about him, only then does he pretend that he does’nt understand hangul. But, if anyone praises him, he would say “Ahh~ thank you thank you” , ” Ohh~ you’re too kind” he replies very formally. If someone asks him, “Hangeng ah, what happen?” he would say ” I don’t know. I don’t understand?” Once we were both on a variety show, I asked him why he was soo serious on the show, he said that he was suppose to be serious on shows. Haha!

epop (to Eunhyuk) : On variety shows, the impression that Eunhyuk gives us is always funny. Has there been an incident where you were unintentionally funny?

Eunhyuk: I remember once where me and some of our members volunteered to be cheerleaders at a football match. During half-time, we performed. While cheering, a football was suddenly kicked towards us, so i kicked the football back to the stands. I accidentally kicked off my shoe as well when I was kicking the ball back. In the end, both the football and my shoe was flying towards the audience. An audience member caught my shoe and joked that he wasn’t going to give me back my shoe. About 3 minutes later, he threw the shoe back to me.

epop (to Kibum): During SorrySorry promotions, the fans hardly saw you at all, this caused many rumours, would you care to explain?

Kibum: Other than being the Kibum who would stand on stage to perform with SJ, I also want to the Kibum who is a grear actor. I feel that acting means alot to me and that it suits me more. So, personally, I think I like acting better. In the company, the members said that even when all of us turned 30, Super Junior will still go on. So, I would still be participating in SJ’s activities.

epop (to Eeteuk): Among the members, Shindong seems to have lost the most weight. But recently he has been gaining…?

Eeteuk: Remember when Shindong said that he would lose 15kg? Now, he has gained back 20kg. It was actually because of me that he suffered so much when losing weight, I feel very guilty towards him~ At first. he only wanted to lose 5kg. But because i said on a show that he won’t only lost 5kg but more, i also said that he won’t stop losing weight. And, it came out on the newspapers. In the end, he really lost alot of weight, but gained back alot too. Because of the packed schedule we’ve been having, he’s scared that he would faint, he’s really tired. So, he hopes that the next time i go on a show, that i would say that Shindong would lose alot of weight again. So that he would have the motivation to slimdown again.

epop (to Hankyung): As the leader of SJ-M, it seems that you are very popular in HongKong? Do you have any personal goals?

Hankyung: When SJ-M members went to HongKong once for promotion activities, i became the nanny and translator for them. Luckily Henry and Zhoumi knew a little of Cantonese. The funny thing was that i could understand Cantonese well, but when the members spoke it, i couldn’t understand a single thing they were saying! It’s probably because they couldn’t pronounce it correctly. I want to film an action/kungfu movie, because i have learned martial arts and kungfu before, so I feel like filming a kungfu film. I hope to get a chance to work with ChenXiaoLong (famous kungfu chinese actor) and Jackie chan. They are both my most favourite kungfu actors!

epop (to Donghae): What was the first impression that SJ member Kibum gave you?

Donghae: The first time I met Kibum, I thought he was very kindhearted and hardworking. He always works hard to matter what, even when no one notices him. We watch alot of movies together, we play video games together as well. Whenever I’m not sure about something concerning acting, he always patiently teaches me. He has achieved great sucess now, i hope he would work harder and, give a suave side of Kibum for everyone to see.

epop (to Shindong): We’ve heard from the members that you have recently been scolded by your mother, what happened?

Shindong: Because we’ve been doing well with the album sales, so we all got our bonuses, but I didn’t tell my parents and spent it all by myself. Most of the time when our SJ member get bonuses like this, we would give it to our parents. One of the member’s mum called my mother to ask if she had recieved my bonus. So, my mum called me and asked ” Where did you spent the bonus to?” Although I was realy scared at that moment, I still told my mother how i spent the bonus.

epop (to Kangin): Which of the member’s parents to you have a deep impression of?

Kangin: Yesung’s mum always comes to the dorms to visit us, she is also very bubbly by nature. She would even give us kisses when we are sleeping. I remember once when the our member’s parents had a gathering, the first time Yesung’s mum saw my dad, she said ” Ya, we’re the same age, we should be friends ahh~” When my father heard that, he got a shock. So, he doesn’t come to such gathering again. Haha~

epop (to Ryeowook): What role do you have in the SJ family?

Ryeowook: In the dorms, I am like the nanny to the SJ members. I always think about what to cook for my hyungs to eat. I am the type that gets angry and cook for the members when they are hungry, but too lazy to cook and doesn’t tell me. But when I cook for them, but they don’t eat it, I will be very sad.

epop (to Kyuhyun): In your life, who is the person you would like to thank most?

Kyuhyun: If i pick either one out of both my parents, they would be angry! So, I shall pick my sister whose age is different from mine by 2 years. (My sister is a big beauty ah!) My sister always calls me her son, whenever I use the computer, she always runs to me and gives me a kiss or hugs me! Whenever I throw a tantrum, she is always the first to come and comfort me. She is currently studying out of korea, when she comes back, she’s going to give a present! The other members always envy me, they say that tey want to have a sister like mine!

Source: Epop Chinese Magazine issue 215
Translation from Chinese to English: ~epichit~@sj-world.net

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