[news] FT Island’s Hong-ki ready to return to acting

Lee Hong-ki is mostly famous for being a member of the popular pop/rock band FT Island, but he’s looking forward to returning to acting, which he’ll do in SBS’s trendy idol-star drama You’re Beautiful [미남이시네요], his first drama gig in five years. (He has made cameo appearances on dramas and sitcoms, but his last drama role was in MBC’s 2004 series Freezing Point.)

Lee says that partly due to his membership in an idol group, he felt comfortable approaching his role as an upbeat character of an idol group: “The director, Hong Sung-chan, told me to just be as I usually am and to use the way we normally talk in our dialogue, so I didn’t feel a lot of pressure.”

The idol group within the drama is called A.N.JELL (which makes me cringe a little, but I suppose it’s not any worse than real band names like 2NE1). Lee Hong-ki’s character is named “Jeremy” and is a gyopo (Korean living abroad) from England. His father is an upper-class Englishman while his mother was once a famous model, and he grew up well-off.

Lee says his fellow FT Island bandmates are cheering him on, and are looking at his role with particular interest because they also have an interest in acting. He described the pull he feels to both being a singer and actor: “When I am performing as a singer, I feel a thrill standing onstage, and as I act, I feel affection for the television screen.”

source: joy news
Translations: dramabeans

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