[news] f(x) Amber thinks Krystal is close to being perfect

SM new girlgroup f(x) did an interview with Vogue Girl magazine while they did a photoshoot for the magazine.

And in the interview the members talk about which woman they think is close to being perfect.

While each members pick a celebrity, member Amber picks fellow member Krystal as her ideal of someone close to perfect.

[VOGUE GIRL shortened to V.G.] Earlier in front of the studio entrance, when you shouted in an orderly fashion, “Hello! We are f(x)!” Approximately when did you start practicing this?

* [Victoria] After our group’s name was settled, it automatically came out of my mouth. We were happy that we would finally be able to introduce ourselves like our sunbaes (seniors) did.
* [Luna] After you introduce yourself with a loud voice, all feelings of nervousness went away. Also, it’s like a ‘Fighting~’ for each other.
* ([V.G.] When did you find out you 5 would become a group?) We slowly had a hunch, but we found out for sure last year. We started full-scale practices in January.

[V.G.] It hasn’t even been a week since you’ve finished your debut stages. What was the very first thing you thought of, while coming off the stage?

* [Victoria] Ah, We finally debuted! Haha.
* [Krystal] The days I’ve been living as a trainee, quickly passed by like a movie film.
* [Luna] It didn’t feel real to me, so I was dazed.
* [Sulli] This isn’t a dream right?
* [Amber] Oh. My God!

[V.G.] Who was the first person you contacted after your first broadcast?

* [Luna] My father. He told me not to forget my feelings at this moment.
* [Sulli] Since my house is in Busan, I haven’t been able to see my brother for 6 months, and after my performance he called me. He said I’ve grown so much in that time we haven’t seen each other, and that I’ve become a lady. My oldest brother is going into the military at the end of this month, and I will miss him a lot. ([V.G.] It’s alright. Since his sibling is a f(x) member, his military life will be comfortable.) So I shouldn’t be worrying? Hoho (laughing)
* [Amber] I called my mother who is currently in America. She was surprised because she didn’t know I would do so well.
* [Victoria] My parents who reside in China, came to see my debut stage. They said they were very proud of their daughter.

[V.G.] Krystal, did your sister Jessica, give you words of encouragement after your debut stage?

* [Krystal] After only saying good job, she continued saying nonsense (laughter). I tend to sweat a lot, and my sister told me to be more careful because you can see all the beads of sweat, and she also said to work harder on my face expressions.
* ([V.G.] In all of your interviews, the first thing they talk about is your sister Jessica, right?)
* That’s right. They still call me by, ‘Jessica’s sister, Krystal’. Well since it’s only the beginning, it’s alright. As a sunbae(senior), my sister cheers for me, and also gives a lot of advice, so I like it.
* ([V.G.] Someday, a day may pass when it’s ‘Krystal’s Unnie, Jessica’ instead.)
* If my sister saw this interview, I’m afraid of what she might do (laughter). I need to work harder, in everything.

[V.G.] When did you first have thoughts of becoming a singer?

* [Luna] When I was 7 years old, after seeing Lee Junghyun’s performance on TV, I fell for it. Since I loved the song, ‘Wa’ so much, I would sing along to it.
* [Krystal] My first commercial filming was when I was 7 years old, and I had so much fun. As a matter of fact, I became casted into the agency together with my sister, but since I was so young at that time, I started my training years later.
* [Sulli] When I was 12, after I successfully passed an audition for the drama ‘Seo Dong Yo’. Although I did go to acting school ever since I was younger, but I only went because my mother registered me. However after successfully passing the auditions, I went entirely on my own will.
* ([V.G.] You didn’t want to become an actress at that time?) I formed a curiosity of how it would feel of standing on stage as a singer. If the opportunity comes, I would like to be both an actress and a singer together.

[V.G.] Who was the celebrity that you wanted to meet at the broadcast station?

* [Krystal] Clazziquai! Specifically Horan Unnie. She’s amazing.
* [Amber] Fly to the Sky sunbaes(seniors). But actually, since I’ve debuted, the two’s activities are on a break, and I was a bit saddened.
* [Luna] Chaeyeon sunbae. Before entering my current agency, I appeared in a program called ‘Truth Game’ and at that time, I danced together with her.
* [Victoria] Song Seunghun sunbae because he’s so handsome and acts very well. I also want to meet Lee Hyori sunbae. I would like to learn from her on, how to seize the stage.

[V.G.] Which woman do you think is close to being perfect?

* [Victoria] Song Hyegyo sunbae. I’ve become a huge fan after watching her dramas!
* [Krystal] Audrey Hepburn. She is intelligent and attractive, and symbolizes woman.
* [Amber] Krystal! (laughter) Since she has the gracefulness I do not have.
* [Krystal] Unstoppable! Amber likes me a lot.

[V.G.] What kind of men do you think are amazing?

* [Amber] A man who can play around well, and has manners.
* [Sulli] A man who has a responsible and prudent personality.
* [Victoria] A tall man. If he’s shorter than me, then there would be some difficulties.
* [Luna] A man who loves music, and knows how to value it. It would be okay if he had a job related to music like me.
* [Krystal] A man that is uglier than me. If he is better looking than me, then won’t he be too tired after having so many woman following him around? I hate that. A woman must be more dignified!

[V.G.] What are some things you always carry in your bags?

* [Victoria] Tissue and my wallet.
* [Luna] Music sheets and my diary.
* [Krystal] My iPod and hand lotion.
* [Sulli] Perfume and an umbrella.
* [Amber] A family picture and a Korean dictionary. Ah, I always carry around snacks. I must always have something sweet in my bag. Specifically, Oh Yes (A Korean cake snack), it tastes very good.

[V.G.] You’re at an age where you want to do and eat all you want. What do you want to eat right now?

* [Luna] Honestly, there are many things I want to eat, but can’t since I am always thinking about dieting. The thing I crave the most right now is pizza!
* [Sulli] For me, ice cream!
* [Amber] Dduk Bokk Ki (spicy korean rice cake)I like it to the extent that, I could survive off of only eating dduk bokk ki for a few days.
* [Krystal] A Mexican dish, Burrito. This is very delicious.
* [Victoria] I really crave the food my grandmother in China would make for me. Particularly, sweet and sour chicken dish.

[V.G.] Outside of the stage, how is your usual apparel?

* [Luna] Big box t-shirts with black baggy pants. It’s the best because it’s comfortable while performing. Honestly, I have no interest in fashion, so I have never worn feminine clothes before. The clothes I wear on stage, is still a bit awkward.
* [Victoria] I also like to wear t-shirts.
* [Krystal] I am also similar. I wear a t-shirt with denim shorts.
* [Sulli] I’m the only different one? I wear a blouse with hot pants.
* [Amber] I also wear t-shirts with jean pants. I tend to wear pants that are a little big, with a hip-hop style.
* ([V.G.] That’s why you have a more perfect boyish side to you)
* Amber: When I was younger, I didn’t know it was such a boyish style. I just wear comfortably wear it like so, and walk around, but hoobaes(juniors) would follow me around and give me presents…
* ([V.G.] Since you’re talking so shyly now, it makes you look even more attractive.)
* Amber: But it doesn’t mean I am shy. Haha

[V.G.]Out of the f(x) members, who do think is the most attractive?

* [Luna] Sulli. Her laughing appearance is very pure.
* [Krystal] I also think Sulli. She has a very pretty smile that could make me jealous.
* [Amber] Luna. She sings very well.
* [Victoria] I think Amber! Since she has a boyish charm.
* [Sulli] I choose Krystal. She has an ‘unintentional chic’ charm.

[V.G.] f(x) member’s favorite song?

* [Sulli] Park Sunjoo’s “Man and Woman”
* [Luna] Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”
* [Amber] SHINee’s “Nuna is very pretty” ([V.G.] Starting from your song selection, I can feel the *nuna’s overcrowding) Haha. *Nuna/Noona = Used by males, to refer to an/call an older girl*
* [Krystal] No Ra Jo’s “Mackerel”! That song makes me laugh everytime I just think about it. Haha. As a matter of fact, “Mackerel” can also be all of f(x)’s favorite song.

[V.G.] Victoria’s and Amber’s parents live in China and America. It isn’t easy to deal with having to be apart from your parents for so long.

* [Amber] I wasn’t able to go home for about 6months. Although my mother has come to visit me a few times, I still missed her.
* [Victoria] It has been about an year and a half since I’ve last gone home. It’s alright because the time I spent alone is longer than the time I Have spent together with my parents. Also I am not young. In Korean age I am 23. (laughter)

[V.G.] Once you start your overseas activities, you will be able to go to China, returning home in glory.

* [Victoria] I hope that day quickly comes! When I debuted overseas, there were no instances where I had activities in China. I would like to show not only the people of China, but also many other people as well. Very proudly with my group and our song.

Translation: kellykim10@aff(x)tion forums
Credits: kbites

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