[NEWS] f(x), Their first photo shoot after their debut, ‘Enjoy f(x)’s infinite charms, more about f(x)'s vogue girl photoshoot!

Hot topic rookies f(x), had their first pictorial photo shoot, after their debut, for fashion magazine ‘Vogue Girl’.

For this photo shoot, f(x) wore black attire with black eyeliner, representing a cat’s eyes. They showed a new charm that is different from what they show on stage. This is expected to be a hot topic.

The photographer that was in charge of this photo shoot, Kim Bo Sung said, “All five members of f(x) have a distinctive personality which is attractive. Despite it being their first photo shoot, they had a chic pose and showed confidence with their eyes, and the result was a great photo shoot.” This raised the anticipation for this photo shoot.

You can find f(x)’s 8 page photo shoot spread and interview in the October issue of Vogue Girl.

Source: the star chosun
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

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  1. OMG thanks a lot...love F(x)..

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